The unveiling….

To effect change we must first be able to perceive the truth about the conditions in which we are living – we must see clearly what we have learned about our lives and our selves in order to be able to choose something else…
People come to see me feeling they have deep dark secrets that they must not reveal – the collective consciousness of humanity holds so much pain twisted around the themes of sexuality, power, religion and wealth….The words must be spoken – the thing be named – for its power to be dissolved. It is with this same intention that  Truth and Reconciliation Hearings have been held in S.Africa and elsewhere…..

Belief systems create intentions, which in turn engender thought forms that structure our physical reality.
Our personal beliefs have been carefully structured and manipulated through the generations that have preceded us. The mass consciousness of humanity has been trapped in the belief in the separation – the duality – of Spirit and Matter, disempowering us and relegating the body, the Earth and the Divine Feminine to the status of prison rather than temple.
The perception of our DNA as a double-stranded helix with 4 interchangeable codes was a logical extension of this duality paradigm. We are poised on the brink of transcendence of this limitation; our perception is shifting. Through releasing ancestral beliefs, through reassessing the learned morality of Right and Wrong and through receiving detached and unconditional love in each of our cells we are able to reprogram our genetic codes out of duality consciousness and “awaken” the multiple strands of DNA that will bring us into the fullness of our destiny as human beings, unlocking what some have called the Ascension Codes – the treasure so long hidden within our bodies.

It is a great honour and responsibility to be alive on this planet at this time….

Blessed Be.

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1 Response to The unveiling….

  1. Brian Britten says:

    Yes,well put Dawn..Everything ‘blinks off & on’ with a probable reality ,and if that ‘probable’ is focused on ‘now’ with openness & truthful experience,then there will be a “fullness of our destiny”.

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