January 26, 2011

So many of you have asked in so many ways for my take on what is happening this year, so here it is…..

I feel that we have done some serious and profound work on ourselves to clarify what is essential to us – to who we are. We have sifted through and released things, situations and people that no longer resonate with the truest parts of ourselves – sometimes with great torment, but other times with the nonchalance assigned to the completely obvious.

Many, many people have contacted me lately in distress, feeling as if they were dying. May I suggest that these are the feelings you had when you were young, and confronted with situations and feelings that seemed so horrible – so impossibly immense – that you were sure you would die of them? This is why you somatised them – you placed them in perfectly logical parts of your body for safekeeping – until later, when you were big and strong and could deal with them. Guess what? You are now big and strong and can deal with them. Yes, you can.

And actually, you are dying. The “you” that your body was programmed to be through ancestral bloodlines and traditions – the collective identity of humanity that was on the path to an Apocalypse – has become an option, no longer an inevitability. Those of us who are choosing to receive and assimilate the quickening waves of light and consciousness now bathing the planet are experiencing the pains of the shape-shifter as we die to the constraints of our former lives and bodies; we are birthing ourselves, and a new planetary reality.

Almost everyone tells me that they can’t make decisions these days – they just don’t have the energy; there are too many confusing factors; they are paralyzed by deep and old emotions bubbling to the surface. Great! So sit right where you are (figuratively) and take stock. What are the details of your life that need cleaning up? The priorities that you’ve been ignoring?  Where is your life still messy? Find the places that have been accumulating enough toxicity that you’ve not dared to go there for a while… Right now, I feel, it is time to put our affairs in order….

When I meditate on the whole “111” vs “11” phenomenon*, I see that those of us born before 2000 have Stuff in the way that needs to be shifted to enable us to step into the new reality potentials of this planet. Those born after 2000 have a clearer pathway – an unobstructed portal and the free choice to step through or not.

The Earth feels in an almost molten state – it is not yet decided what will be her final form – but whatever it is will likely involve more rising waters, weird weather and their human consequences.I see and feel two main timelines – it’s as if they are moving like seaweed in water, side by side, sometimes touching each other. We have the choice to place ourselves in one or the other: in a reality of oneness, compassion, and collective harmony or one of division, fear and violence.

I think anyone who is able to grow food would be wise to do so….seeds from organic fruit and vegetables are a sleeping treasure ….Find your community and put energy into it – nothing is really more important than your web of heart and soul connections….

Above all, remember that each one of us is creating our world, breath by breath. Live your life as a gift, fill your hearts with gratitude for all that surrounds you…and go out there and SHINE!

Blessings and Love,


*This year we will experience 4 unusual dates, 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, and 11/11/11.
Take the last 2 digits of the year you were born, plus the age you will be this year and it will equal 111.

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