Important message…and Thanks….

We are multitudes now, consciously serving the Earth as our mission and purpose. Some of us serve by recycling and conserving and resisting the pressure to steadily consume the planet’s resources. Some of us sit in silent prayer, connected to our Earth Family through our hearts and helping dissipate planetary turmoil through loving intention. Some of us are raising our children to know that they are an integral and important part of a living, breathing, loving Whole.  O Mitakuye Oyasin.

There are others of us as well who have been awakened, one by one, by what at first could just have been a passing whim – something we imagined. Then the whispers became more urgent and the actions required more obvious – we eventually had to get up and follow this guidance, no matter how crazy the rest of the world thought we were. I heard Drunvalo estimate there were only 70 or so of us a few decades ago, mostly going about our business quietly, placing crystals in precise spots, chanting in forgotten temples and opening long-closed passageways, sometimes simply being somewhere we knew we had to be, with no expectations other than the peace that attends serving the best we can.

Now we are many and various – a colourful and confused proliferation from every corner of the Earth, listening carefully for what to do next, perceiving with what clarity we have at our disposal what we feel we must do.  The guiding forces are variably defined as God, our higher selves, Life, our inner Knowing, the Universe, Gaia, guiding angels, multidimensional beings or councils, extraterrestrial brethren….

Precise information is channeled, transcribed, collated and sent at the speed of thought to the computer-connected world. In these times of planetary upheaval, the images, the information, the prophecies and the predictions can put us into states of shock and depression.

Please follow your own inner guidance. Sit still and quiet and listen with an open heart to what comes to you – choose the sources you wish to trust.

Watch fear and anger arise in you, but do not succumb to them. Allow them to move through and release from your body as you witness their passing. Try to avoid the sarcasm and bitterness that come from and propagate wounding and powerlessness.

There are many different intentions at work on our planet right now. We often confuse open-heartedness with gullibility, but this need not be so. Question everything  – not from fear and suspicion, but from the confidence that you are connected to sources of infinite wisdom.

Follow your guidance – follow the highest intentions of your heart. We all need this of one another – now….

I send you much Love and many Blessings,

In Oneness,


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