What on Earth is “Honouring the Feminine”? Europe, 2011, #1

 I write this from Europe, where I have been traveling to do work that is neither simple to describe nor easily shared.

When I arrived first in England, I was welcomed by Catherine, a dear spiritual sister, and traveled with her through space, time and the Somerset countryside, connecting and toning vibrations of harmony into sacred spaces: standing stones, churches holding ancient secrets, sacred geometry and long barrows. This is land I know and love – I feel honoured to be called to be of aid.

From England I went to the Netherlands, connected in a startling way with the ingrained wounds of the whaling industry and the wars, and joined a Seed Blessing Ceremony for the Coming Times in a tiny piece of paradise in the Dutch countryside with my friend and co-crazy, Judith Moore. Judith, quintessentially American, simply walks up to people – anyone who catches her eye – and announces with her distinctive and very audible voice: “Hi, I’m Judith! I’m a spiritual pilgrim and prophet!”  She gets away with it because of her natural ebullience and because – well – Americans are just like that!

In Bergen op Zoom, my gracious host, Suzette Fritjers, wondered whether I could do something about the water, fetid and still, in the canals placed in a grid through the land she lives on, reclaimed from the sea. Discovering that this exact area had been the site of a great many naval battles and meditating with the water, I       understood that the water was absorbing the bloodshed and violence from the land, and simply required moving in rounded, natural pathways (crystals will be placed in the right angles to make this change) and recognition and thanks for the work it is doing.

In Leiden, Hans and Wilna Konstable took Judith and me on an evening tour of this distinguished city (Einstein and many other notable physicists, astronomers, mathematicians and philosophers have worked here on the structure of the universe), of the tulip fields and to sunset over the polluted and still beautiful North Sea. More pieces of a puzzle seemed to be coming together as Hans, himself an accomplished mathematician working with fractal theory, described how fractals can be used to describe thematic recurrences throughout history – the same people incarnated in similar circumstances, connected to particular places on the planet.

Traveling then to Edinburgh, Scotland, we met up with Catherine and her trusty van Jasper. Edinburgh is dense with art, magic and mysticism – a fitting beginning to our Scottish Magical Mystery Tour! As we drove northward through the aching beauty of the land, it felt as though we were sometimes wading through millennia of bloodshed that we did our small part to help dissolve. At the northeastern tip of Scotland, we stayed in a manor-house that had previously belonged to the Sinclairs and is now being restored as a B and B. There, I was called from my bed to celebrate the Easter sunrise and to help clear the house and its energies of all harmful and dishonourable imprints, work that was continued in Thurso in the Masonic Hall and on     the grounds of the crumbling Sinclair castle, where we felt that we found and helped repair an ancient distortion in the Sinclair lineage.

Further north, on the Orkney Islands and at the northern end of the meridian of earth energy famously named the Rose Line, we did sound ceremony and rituals at the Tomb of the Sea Eagles, at Maes Howe, on the Isle of Hoy and in several other Neolithic sites to clear the violence done to the indigenous Picts and to follow in the steps of myriad others who have walked in these places in a sacred way. We were hosted by Lynne Barbour – storyteller, teacher and wisdom-keeper – and her husband John, who welcome guests to their B and B in the very heart of these prayers in stone. They are guardians of a sacred site that they are struggling to keep pristine and undeveloped – I empathised….

We were particularly pulled to an island named Eynhallow, where the remains of a Cistercian cloister moulder now amongst sheep and protected birds, and potent energies linger from a time when Something was hidden there.

Sounding, listening, toning and praying, we were called unerringly to places of power, both distorted and clear.

Returning southward, we circled the magnificent Mount Schiehallion, swooned in the energies rising from Inner Earth, and left rose offerings to the Masters. We paid our respects to the ancient yew in Fortingall, then to a sacred grove in Glen Lyon, and stumbled at nightfall upon the only B and B in the area, directly opposite the standing stones called ‘The Praying Hands of Mary’….

We began our tour through Scotland with a pilgrimage to the church in Edinburgh where Judith’s grandparents had been married – we returned to the city on the day of The Royal Wedding. There are so many circles within circles within circles, all turning with the same themes – the same singular intent…The life of each one of us reveals these patterns – of mind-stopping intricacy and wordless beauty – when we take the time to witness them….

The next day we parted company in the Edinburgh Aeroport, and I continued my journey on to Germany….

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