July 28, 2011, approaching the dark of the moon

Dear Ones….

On July 26 we entered the Year of the White Rhythmic Lizard of the Mayan calendar, and are quickly approaching the October 28th end of the 9th and final Mayan cycle of planetary spiritual evolution – the  Cycle of Universal Consciousness.

We are experiencing this in different ways depending on how much preparation we’ve already done – and whether it has been conscious or not….

Sirens scream down the road here 5 times a day now. The general feeling expressed to me in the city is that of being pushed past one’s limits….Skin and bones, eyes and nerves are showing symptoms of resistance as we shapeshift into the latest model of humanity: The Noetica 2012 – sleeker lines, bigger skull, luminescent eyes, acute sensitivity to All that Lives….

Most of us don’t even realize we’re changing and are putt-putt-putting along amongst the components of what we could still call a “normal life”…but something is definitely askew – maybe the wheels are misaligned? Maybe the pressure in the tires is not quite balanced…? The steering! That’s it – it’s the steering that’s off!

“Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!”

Many of us have difficulty seeing a clear future – decisions may seem impossible. Our identities and our attitudes toward all that has been the trappings of these identities – jobs, relationships, possessions – are transforming as the Earth and our bodies morph into what we are becoming. Upon what, exactly, are we supposed to base our understanding of the world? How can we define the purpose of our existence, if it’s not to have children, to accumulate possessions and to find a job that we can perform well in, so that we can be “good, functional members of society” – if it’s not to achieve all those goals we learned through our families… our pasts?

As institutional hierarchies crumble into ruin around us, the pressures that have kept us “good” employees, students, patients, members of our faith, etc. are also disintegrating. For those of us who have been the most acutely constrained by these pressures, the release of them has sometimes left a state of acute imbalance – the muscles of self-governed moral integrity and dignity have often atrophied.

A bowl of water is floating in the ocean. The bowl dissolves.

Who am I, if I am not the limitations I learned that I was…?

What is the point, now, of being here in this life …this body?

If we are all One, what is the point in being Me?

There’s plenty of trauma to focus on around us, if we really want to  – to distract us from the new Life bubbling, percolating its way up from our bellies as we finally have the choice to become truly free…. Maybe we no longer need to be warriors, bravely struggling against the horrors and injustices of a dangerous world. Let us collectively pull the plug, and simply no longer believe in the power of this paradigm. Let’s not feed the monsters any more….

New technologies already exist to replace the self-destructive ones that are rotting away. Communities are being woven, gardens are being tended, children are coming in already wise and ready… Interconnectedness is beginning to be seen as strength, not a liability. Young women and men are no longer allowing their dreams to be dishonoured, while we old folk are taking ours out of hiding, dusting them off and shining them up again.

We have come so, so far….We are so close….

Feel this truth inside your Being. Feed it with your breath and your awareness – your gratitude and wonderment. And then, answer the question for yourself: THIS is the point of being here, in this life …in this body…!

Blessed Be!

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3 Responses to July 28, 2011, approaching the dark of the moon

  1. Ramiro says:

    Thank you, gracias, merci!!

  2. Bill says:

    So beautifully said, I am so very pleased to have received your message tonight.

  3. Georgia says:

    Just what I needed right now…Thank you for the reminder

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