“Skin and bones, eyes and nerves are showing symptoms of resistance as we shapeshift into the latest model of humanity…”

I have been receiving so many calls and messages and meeting with people who are terribly frightened by their bodies’ symptoms in the past weeks. I should perhaps have been more specific in my last message….

Remember that this is a fractal, holographic multiverse, where patterns are repeated to the infinitely huge and to the infinitely teeny-tiny. The world is erupting in fire and water – in floods and riots and forest fires and famine. Our lives and bodies are a part of all this, as individual cells in the body of the planet. What your body is experiencing is what, on a larger scale, the Earth herself is living.

Your fear of your body need not diminish you – know and feel that this fear has been carried through our bloodlines for millennia. It has been bequeathed to you and then reinforced through the experiences of your life – that have been created by these same inherited beliefs. Observe this – watch its hold over you and let understanding settle in….

We have learned that Spirit or the Mind can save us from the imprisoning limitations of our physical realities, and yet when something goes wrong with our bodies, our tendency is still to define the problem in purely physical terms and to deal with the symptoms as quickly as possible with mechanistic “scientific” treatments. “Yes, yes, I know that this headache is caused by stress. Pass me the Advil, please!” Those of us who look to other strata of causality are even legally forced to state that our diagnoses and suggestions should Never Ever take the place of that of an institutionally acceptable medical professional. (Consider this done….)

What have I done wrong? Who did I catch this from? Why is this happening to me and not to anyone else amongst my friends and family!? Yes, there are those of us who are scampering through our lives like Hear No Evil, See No Evil monkeys – mostly people who are caught up in institutions of one kind or another, from Family to Government, whose continued existence in their present state rests upon mandatory and stalwart unconsciousness.

We hold so much shame and blame in our bodies – we don’t want to be seen as infirm – not strong and capable. We have spent our lives sequestering in our body parts the horrible, painful, devaluating situations that were far too damaging to the required image of strength and capability to allow ourselves to experience them, raw and fresh. Now, as we step closer and closer to who we are – to our essence and truth – the hidden stuff that has been festering in our bellies, joints, hearts and bones is being released in the name of integrity and wholeness.

The symptoms that we are experiencing now are signs of the depth of the transformation that is occurring in all of humanity – our bodies are changing into another version of being human. We are releasing the ancient belief structures that have formed the foundation of our physical, corporal reality. AND IT HURTS!

“Just make it stop!” is our understandable reaction.

Fear can only be dissolved through confronting what frightens us, whatever the outcome of the encounter may be. Courage is not the lack of fear, but rather being willing to walk toward the source of it. Once we can summon the nerve to approach one fearful situation, though, and a layer of fear is peeled way, we are fortified for the next encounter. “If it doesn’t kill us, it will make us stonger”, as the saying goes.

In fact, as we grow “big and strong”, it can at some point become intolerable to harbour doubt and fear within ourselves: it chafes to merely survive when what we crave is full and lusty LIFE!  Those around you who seem to throw themselves into their lives with passion and abandon will often tell you that at one point they simply had no choice in the matter – it was a question of choosing Life or Death.

Our greatest treasure as human beings is the freedom to live our lives as we choose. Think about this a moment. The freedom to live your life as you would choose. What images and feelings arise in you with that thought?  And what are the “buts” that immediately follow?

We place our biggest dragons, our most fierce warriors and nastiest ogres to guard our most precious treasures….

So think of your painful symptoms as all the dragons and ogres and warriors, following their orders, backing their way fighting out of your body and heart. You know, if you smile, thank and bless them, they might just lay down their weapons and leave you peaceably instead!

Magic is indeed afoot….

Blessed Be!

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2 Responses to PAIN, FEAR and FREEDOM….

  1. Natalie Hagn says:


  2. Nora says:

    These times are demanding on our bodies, I have found one remedy in connecting more than usual with Mother Nature. It seems that She has some solace to offer us…

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