Spring, roaring in….

Yesterday was a challenge – and a watershed….

Doubt and the impossible naïveté of Faith were the subject of my personal ruminations…being blazingly feverish with a particularly nasty bug brought all the old learned phrases up, my too-full head dizzy with pain …

Every imaginable kidney and liver symptom stomped through my body. In  moments of less physical discomfort, I watched my mind begin to move around the furniture in my room…then in the whole house. I wondered whether there were enough boxes to pack up all the things that needed to be given away….

Aha…! I realised. This is Spring, forcing the first sap up through rusty tubes….

And then it shifted.

Maybe it was because I was not resisting the despair, but rather allowing it to arise, be seen and leave me. Maybe it was a celestial wiggling into a comfier position. I can’t overstate the effect of the prayers of many who I know support me this way…nor of the anchoring of roots, hidden deep and nourishing me, unseen, from the depths of the Earth.

And maybe it was just Time….

Hitherto unthought-of solutions to pressing dilemmas presented themselves. People from whom I’d been waiting responses all answered at once. It felt as if the floodgates of Bounty were somehow unlocked and the rushing Life-affirming Waters swept me away….or back….

Once again, gratitude fills every pore and particle of my being….

My prayers send strength of intention, grace, abundance and gratitude flowing to you as well….

Blessings and Love,


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2 Responses to Spring, roaring in….

  1. Dawn,
    Your writing always inspires, enthuses and infuses with dreams and desires, like watching someone live in a parallel world. From the other side of the veil I see a glimpse… thank you!

    • dawnbramadat says:

      Hiya, Margaux….
      I write about these experiences because I know that more and more people are living and feeling these things…and it is easy to think you’re going crazy, or that you’re the only one around to whom this stuff is happening….
      I do find it a struggle sometimes to find words for the more ‘woo-woo’situations and experiences…!
      Sending you much love,

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