Wade in the Water….

“Wade in the water,

Wade in the chiiiiilly-y-y waaaate-e-e-r, 

Wa-a-a-ade in the water,

God’s gonna trouble your wa-a-a-ter…”

So many people have written to me lately asking about their physical symptoms, and almost everything I’ve heard is directly related or subsequent to what is called the Water Element in the Five Element teachings, and the Northern Gate of the Medicine Wheel.

Here’s an abbreviated list of the malaises that seem to be prevalent:

  • Ear aches, ringing in the ears, blockages in the ears
  • Pain in the bones
  • Feeling cold and unable to get warm – cold in the bones            
  • Dizziness
  • Deep fatigue
  • Irregular sleep – insomnia, exhaustion, fitful sleep, oversleeping, nightmares
  • Pain in lumbar to sacral areas of the back
  • Kidney pain, infections, stones, etc.
  • Bladder pain, infections, stones, etc.
  • Anxiety, phobias, general insecurity and fear:   “What if…?”
  • Menstrual irregularities of all sorts
  • Prostate problems
  • Fertility issues
  • Identity issues related to sexuality and the body image and health in general: “I’m not good enough…”
  • Identity issues related to survival, money, Mission and gainful employment
  • Lung and chest pain
  • Heart and circulatory system symptoms

The whole planet is vacillating back and forth between one state of being and the next, and on every level of understanding of that concept….We are still in the transition between winter and spring; here in the UK we’ve seen everything from sun to rain to hail to snow within a few hours’ time.  Temperatures have been bouncing from one extreme to another throughout N. America and Europe – the suns shines and the flowers and leaves burst open, then the winds, rain and cold sweep back in…

Winter and the Northern Gate of the Medicine Wheel teachings is related to all that we have inherited from our ancestors – the traditions and beliefs and the bodies that we have fashioned of them. This has been the source of our identities for so long…the source of our security and strength of purpose.  As many of us prepare to leave this reality behind and step out into a new blueprint for the Earth, we are pulled back for many reasons. We can only move completely from one place to the next on the Medicine Wheel when we have completely finished assimilating and digesting everything we are able from the first state of being. We have to chew and chew, and get all the nourishment we can from the experiences of this present state before we are prepared to cross the threshold into the new. We have to do our grieving as well… We have to gently observe and detach every tiny filament of connection to what no longer serves our present understanding of our highest purpose…  In the brilliant allegorical work that we call the Bible, very single Jew who had been born in Egypt had to die in the desert before the People were permitted to cross the sacred river into the Promised Land…

We’re obviously not done yet – the Earth is not yet finished with the paradigm of separation, division and duality. Unavoidably in synch with the mood swings of Gaia, the Springs around the planet, from Egypt to Montreal, slip back and forth before a complementary ebb and flow of varying shades of fascism and the status quo. For so many, connections are being severed with Place – where will you be at the end of this year? I see masses of us picking up the roots that have bound us to blood lineages, and listening as best as we can to our souls’ guidance…. Where is Home now?

What used to matter all of a sudden doesn’t any more, and we’re adrift in a storm at sea. In this transition time between Winter and Spring, however long it may take, we deeply feel and solidify a sense of Who We Really Are and what is most important to us, seeking that which brings a feeling of integrity, dignity and alignment with our highest selves. Again irrevocably linked with physical transformations occurring in the body of the Earth, our physical bodies morph as we release beliefs in limitation – they are often in pain, exhausted and generally not so great any more at performing the tasks we set before them.  So many people have wheezy chests these days from refusing to pull the winter coat and scarves back out of the closet (This makes me wonder how the concerts are going for my musician friends for whom a coughing audience is a nightmare ..!). Our reluctance to release what still has the pull of poignancy, affects both our lungs and our hearts….

To what Will shall we bend our knees and bow our heads now, in these testing times…? Homo sapiens, restricted to a duality-based comprehension of Life, is evolving on fast-forward. The opening of the human heart in gratitude and love, fed by a rooted awareness of our One Planetary Family, allows the pineal gland to grow and shine and the human being to move into our next phase – that of Homo noeticus, who is once again capable of experiencing Life through Oneness….

When our still-nebulous new identity has gotten its sea-legs, so to speak, we’ll be able to move on to manifest a new reality; the direction will be clear, and we’ll be able to haul out the oars again and row….

In the meantime we need to sit still, knowing this seasickness will pass, and listen to the wisdom of the Winds…

Blessings and Love,


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4 Responses to Wade in the Water….

  1. Lorraine says:

    I really enjoyed this missive. Thank you again for putting it out there what is on all of our minds. I just completed my spring fast and I was dreaming and daydreaming a lot of what you just wrote. I feel connected again and I am so glad that I had the chance to see you before you left on your journey Maktub.xo

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for this. It really rounds out the context for whats happening in my life. Stuff with me seems to be buried deep and a) finding it and b) acknowledging it and releasing it is providing to be ….. Apparently my recent E-meter, AP and ruby light treatment were all blocked by myself? according to those that know me. An inbuilt defence mechanism? Making progress but its slow…

    Thank you again for the time and attention.


  3. dawnbramadat says:

    Hi, Mark! Check out “Passion”, 1 – 7 a bit further back in the posts….

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