Greyfriars, Edinburgh

It bothers me that I don’t remember what kind of trees they were….

The three main ones were huge pillars, forming a  triangle in the midst of the cemetery. Others, more delicate, seemed to make a circle around these ancient guardians – gathering to observe the goings-on and hold it all in place. In the centre of the triangle was a grassy hillock, raised and illuminated by a spotlight of sunshine in the perfect centre of it all. Tiny flowers rained down on us, a constant shower of gold, confetti’d sunshine floating and swirling in the breeze. The magic was pulsing…quickening…. Catherine looked at her watch as kirk bells began to sound throughout the city surrounding us– it was 12 noon.

As soon as our attentions cohesed at the centre point, a huge cylinder of light opened up through the top of the mound, startling a gasp out of me. We walked into the centre and hummed together, as bees and women do….My intention was simply to send energy to the souls present, so they could use it to free themselves of attachments to the lives they had lived in the bodies that were interred there; I felt a whoosh, like birds flying close past, as they shifted out of this dimension.

Thickly sprinkled around Greyfriars Cemetery are time-pocked stones emblazoned with the skull and crossbones that Freemasonry has carried on from the Templar tradition. The work that we had done the previous year had come to mind when I saw them, and a vision I had had of a stream of energy from the Templars feeding Rosslyn Chapel like roots, and two branches emerging the other side – both Freemasonic, one branch devoted to Spirit and the other, to the manipulation of Spirit and Matter. As we stood there now at Greyfrairs, I saw the energy of love that we were consciously emanating being used to bring the two streams together – to bring them both to an understanding of Oneness.

As flowers fell from the sky, bathing us in fragrance and joy, I felt deeply blessed.

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