As we make our way toward the autumn equinox this year, I am aware of great numbers of people with questions of “Home” looming large in their lives.. .So many are moving, thinking about moving, or travelling from place to place wondering where they should land. There’s a rootlessness – a restlessness in the air… Where is my home? How am I to choose where I should be? As our consciousness expands and our awareness of our Selves extends past this incarnation and into others, different places in the world have the pull of nostalgia and wistfulness – of things accomplished or unfinished.  We are connecting more deeply and more frequently with old acquaintances from other existences as well as with folk who resonate at similar frequencies to ourselves….

What does Home mean to you?  Does the word conjure images of family gatherings, your mother’s cooking, inside jokes and a general feeling of securely belonging somewhere? How much of this image is a cherished ideal – is it really that way when your family gets together?

Home and family have always been potent themes to religious institutions, to the textile artists of PR (spinning + weaving…) and to the promoters of nationalism of all stripe and hue. There’s the sense of a sort of membrane of limited permeability, surrounding a sphere of warm, golden fuzziness, faded photographs and music from our parents’ era, and excluding everything dissonant, angular and incomprehensible. This membrane of identity separates and protects – we’ve marinated in the inner atmosphere and know the rules without even perceiving them as strictures. Even if it’s not comfortable inside, we at least know how it all works, and this, at the level of our cells – of our DNA…. Outside, chaos reigns; we put on masks and armour to venture there and return stimulated but exhausted, kick off the high-heels, undo the tie, relax and be ourselves again…

My body gratefully takes in the warmth of the rising sun as I sit in the Heartroot meditation room. Incense smoke curls out the window, over the heads of Hercules, Amanda and Arthur, carrying prayers to the universe. The altar holds symbols and energies of people and places I wish to hold close to me… For decades now, I have sat in this space; I’ve travelled from here into my Self and through other dimensions of being. Here, I can be all that I know I am – this is my Home.

These two sensations of Home differ in texture and feeling somehow – this distinction, I believe, is what we are struggling with now as a species on this planet.

The cycles and processes within all living systems are intricately and incisively detailed by the teachings of the Medicine Wheel of the First Nations of Turtle Island and the Five Elements of oriental philosophy. This time of the year is symbolised by the journey of Bear, who has gathered up Life throughout the spring and summer and now turns to enter the inner world of her cave. The energy of the autumn season relates to that found in our lungs and colon and skin – all the organs that are the interface – the boundary – between the inside world and that without.  In the northern hemisphere, we start to think about the cold weather on its way and about the preparations necessary before the contractions of winter – we insulate our homes, blocking all the places where the cold outside might creep in….

Those of us who have trouble with the constant doing and performing of the outside world will often feel relief at returning within. Others, who may be escaping wounding that has yet to be dealt with – that’s been stored here and there in the body until they can get to it – panic at the thought of long winter nights with nothing to do but reflect. This is the time for them to make sure their agendas are brimming with activities, courses, partners – whatever it takes to keep distracted and busy.

This autumn, a perfect storm seems to have gathered for the question of Home, as millions of humans glide and flee and stumble about the planet, not sure where and if they really want to or should put down roots. Millions are refugees, forced from places they would call home by the violence of nature and society. Many I know who have been holding sacred space in centres of strong earth energy have felt compelled to pack up and leave – but they don’t quite know yet where else to go. We are being exposed to such high frequencies from the sun, the galactic core and the plasma cloud that we’re still passing through – while predictions have been for the global failure of communications and electrical systems  (and 700million people did go without power in India for a week), it is human electromagnetics that seem to have been impacted more – people are so wired these days!  We’re like electrons that have absorbed so much energy that they’ve flown out of their comfy area of potential and into a never-never land where they can combine and settle in wherever they are attracted most….

Let’s go back to “relax and be ourselves again”…. I suppose the real issue here is that Home has always been an essential part of our definition of ourselves – the ‘Hood, my Homies, my Blood – it is where we come from.

For much of humanity, where we’ve come from is where we’re no longer going….

Blessèd Be….



ps. Come Home to Heartroot this autumn for our Equinox Celebrations! You’re welcome to be here from September 17 – 24, to take time to reflect and connect with Nature in her autumn glory: 

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