A Child is Born…

It wasn’t an easy birth- many fretted that both Mother and Child would be lost to the effort – but gone now are the contractions, the pushing, the transcendent pain….

The head, the shoulders, the chest, the bottom, the perfect little feet – we followed the gradual progression and debut appearance as if we were accidental observers of this miracle – mere onlookers and well-wishers.

A child is born….

Long-awaited.  Oft-prophesied. …

With the head, bearing the blossoming pineal gland, came a potential to perceive the Oneness of Life and a nascent ability to consciously connect with all other dimensions of Existence.

The shoulders emerged, free of the weight of the expectations of generations…

The chest came next, startlingly radiant, as a new, open Heart proclaimed its Presence.

The hips and bottom slipped through, cradling a vast, spiraling ocean of energy – of Life – golden, sweet, warm and sticky…the renewed Honey of an ancient Hive….

And then came the perfect feet, prepared and eager to walk the Earth in Honour, Beauty and Grace.

A child is born!

Exhilarated greetings and congratulations were briefly exchanged with the Family of Beings that had gathered, supportive and curious, for this Birth, then the attention of the new Human turned inward to the new body – this new vehicle that is now Home….

The brake pedal has hit the floor and three-dimensional reality groans to a halt. So many of us are feeling exhausted, with lung and digestive symptoms. People don’t know how to name what’s not quite right – “Is this a cold? the flu? I’m not depressed…am I?  I just don’t know…I just don’t know!“  Some of us are harder hit than others, and some of us are paying a bit closer attention to what is really going on.

Whether it be physical symptoms of varying degrees, or finances, or snowstorms or tempests of a social or interpersonal sort, the mechanics of physical existence on this planet has got a bug. Those of us, particularly in N. America, who have got used to the distracted complacency of automatic transmissions, will need to learn to drive standard – to Pay Attention!- to Stay Calm, as we shift into fifth…

Space-time has acquired a different texture.  New rules seem to apply to Life in general. Decisions are practically impossible to make. Reality is created with the planting of each tiny step in whatever direction feels correct at the moment…

Medicine Wheel teachings tell us we have again crossed the threshold of the Winter Equinox through the Northern Gate, where under the aegis of Buffalo and Moose we learn to honour our ancestors – to render them homage and gratitude. But it’s different, this time around. We’ve squeezed through the birth canal – the constriction at the centre of the infinity symbol – and now use the foundation created for us by our antecedents to launch ourselves into the Unknown – into a reality of our own choosing and creation. If you enter a space of stillness, I’m sure you can feel it: sparkling, crystalline and incarnate….

Yes, a Child is Born!

What comes to me is that we are to use these next three months to mourn and to let go…to learn to gracefully release the past while getting used to these new bodies and this new frequency of existence. Baby steps….baby steps…. At the moment, patience and attentiveness are the best survival tactics we can consciously employ – the rest is simply Unfolding….

Blessings and Love,


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6 Responses to A Child is Born…

  1. Julie Gabriel says:

    …and I thank you, Julie

  2. Brian says:

    Love your ‘right down to the real soul’ communication..the analogy of learning to ‘shift gears’ rather than running on ‘automatic’ released memories of Ricky Lee Jones lyrics in her “Last Chance Texaco”…” the battery went dead and the cables don’t reach”..smile..love,B

  3. benny says:

    Just a day after you penned that,Charlie Andre Sahbi Coleman,came into the world,so its quite apt.And im driving a stick shift too,that doesnt care for first gear.
    Hope all is well on the farm

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