A whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on…

For the past while, I’ve been contacted daily by people asking for my take on “what on Earth is going on”. Intuitive, conscious people, unused to not having a handle on the pulse of their lives and bodies, are disoriented and confused…. Everyone to whom I speak is having bouts of deep exhaustion and/or strange physical symptoms, interspersed with a four-year-old-waiting-for-Santa kind of giddy anticipation. What really amazes me is that there are so many who are doing their level best to believe that business is as usual. It ain’t….

It feels as if there is a train a-comin’ (oh, yeah!), but I’ve no idea from which direction it’s hurtling this way. There’s a sense of apprehension and unease, which is not the same as being ill at ease… It’s impossible to honestly answer the question, “How are you?” with the previously acceptable platitudes. None of the adjectives one could rustle up really fit. I feel myself to be here, yet not: “too multidimensional for comfort”, is the half-joke.

The sensation of shifting reality is intense enough to hinder much decision-making, yet girl_horse_ridingprecognition and manifestation occur now with bewildering frequency and speed (“Get used to it!” I hear as I write this….). Like the synergy of horse and rider, each emotionalised thought is the gentle thigh pressure that steers mountains of muscle and sinew – of physical intelligence and an attentive Will.  Reality is being created spontaneously, second by millisecond, and there’s no script – each next moment depends on the twists and swirls of Consciousness in a metamorphosing Humanity. Few people I know are not able to say that their lives have somehow become more…magical!

The Change has been imperceptible to most of us; it crept in as we were anxiously watching in the mirror, and we’re now having to “get used to it”, as the voice said… First of all there’s being in the driver’s seat when we’ve grown accustomed to the inattention and nonchalance of the passenger side, and then…well…it’s like being put behind the wheel of a Maserati when you’ve been driving a Massey-Ferguson. The entire latent potential of Existence is humming under our backsides, awaiting the slightest pressure on the pedals…. It’s scary. It’s exhilarating.

The fuzziness of our perception of this authority is dissolving – the morning mists before the lionfishrising sun, the radio being fine-tuned for perfect reception. As the veils fall from the rhinoceros in the room, it becomes uncomfortably clear that responsible action is required, but not the badly-worn serious, fearful responsibility that inspires timidity and hesitation. What we are easing into is the madly joyous creativity that is responsible for the passionflower and the lion-fish, for Dalí and the tango…. There’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on…! Literally – earthquakes of greater and greater magnitude and frequency are global manifestations of what is going on in our lives and bodies… Dalihttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caDDxzMJo08&list=FLHE92x768p8h-fMrqhsnE1Q&index=2

I think the whole planet is a bit dizzy with all of this and reacting according to individual, varying states of awareness…. Some of us are retching and hugging the toilet bowl, others are downing whatever substance at hand will stop the spinning. Others are just standing veeeeery still.

All I feel I can do, personally, is watch Life arrive and welcome it as it comes, with all the gratitude, humility and wonderment at my disposal. Perhaps this could work for you, too….

Blessings and Love,


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6 Responses to A whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on…

  1. ymilse says:

    Oh God!, and I thought I was going back to old ends!!!Thanks for the tip, as I read it I am zooning!!!

  2. Brian says:

    I think about growing lotus flowers in a large indoor aquarium..spiritually & physically nourishing..and the only thing holding me back is my next thought..zoom-zoom..smile.

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