Home is where the heart is…

Our community meditation yesterday allowed an idea to take form that had been hovering on the edges of my consciousness for a while. I knew there was a recurring theme  in everything I have been hearing lately, but no words had yet been attached to it.

As I’ve repeated so often, the Earth is being bathed in extremely high frequencies these days – extra energy that is allowing us to clear out the deepest corners of our physically-programmed subconscious. What we find as a leitmotif in these dark, unvisited and densely-populated regions is our relationship to Home.

I became aware that I’ve been observing  people living a whole gamut of Home-related experiences:

  • deciding or being forced to move precipitously;
  • having lived with people all their lives, compromising and adapting, now feeling they need to live on their own and safely be themselves;
  • having lived alone for ages and now deciding to move into community;
  • sorting and eliminating much of the Stuff gathered around them that carries the energies of past  ( learned) identities;
  • urbanites needing nature, country mice craving the human interaction of the city;
  • searching for the spot on the planet that feels Right – that feels like Home;
  • developing an awareness of the physical body as more than just a vehicle to get around in – the body as Home;
  • choosing the planet as Home? Do I belong here or is there a better place that I get to go to once I’m done with this mess? 

Home is inextricably woven with Mother – our relationship with our biological mothers defines our experience of Home. Is it a prison where we have to follow imposed rules? Is it a safe haven where we return to rest and heal before setting back out into the Jungle of the outside world? Does Home have a crisply-defined barrier around it, impenetrable to the dangers that lurk without, or does the definition of Home extend into the community, the nation, the species, the entire Earth Family? How does our learned response to our childhood homes affect the way we treat the Earth? What did your mother teach you about your body, both through her words and through example?

If indeed Home is where the Heart is, where is your Heart?

Honouring the Mother through all who mother, with blessings for the sweet repose of Home….




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