Teaching from meditation, July 20, 2013

In the same way as the human being who travels off the planet now must wear a space suit in order to survive the atmosphere of deep space, our souls, coming to live on this planet in the third-dimensional physical body of Gaia, our Earth, required the earth suits that are our physical bodies.

Our human bodies are the most complex technological wonders on this planet. We marvel at our relatively recent ability to manipulate technology with voice commands, but the intricate electromagnetic and hydraulic systems of our bodies react to the even subtler indices of thought, emotion and intention.  We are slowly waking up inside these bodies that we have reviled as prisons of clay.

We are Sleeping Beauty, awakened by the kiss of her Prince to find herself in a palace – the feminine principle of Matter, dormant for so long, activated by a masculine principle that is finally worthy….

The sword of physical might, the sword of the intellect, the sword of passion – all can now be wielded with wisdom and compassion.

In this time of Summer – the Southern portal of the Medicine Wheel, we experience the greatest concentration of masculine energy – we are outside our homes, manifesting ourselves, dealing with our egos and others’. Let us intend the purification of our masculine energies from the illusion of impotence. It is the programmed belief in our powerlessness that makes us nasty, envious, vengeful, competitive wraiths of who we truly are.

Hierarchies of all sorts are dissolving –the Circle and the Web of Life, anathema to pyramidal power structures and therefore suppressed by them, are becoming growingly present in our awareness and social organisation.

As the Masculine in each one of us rises from our cowering past in dignity and integrity, he steps aside from the place he has monopolised at the centre of the altar. Joined by his Bride, joined with his Bride, they become One.

Today is Shabbat in the Jewish tradition. During the week, we do our best to emulate the masculine aspect of the Divine, doing, performing, working with as much integrity and with the highest intentions possible. On Shabbat, it is the Shekhinah – the feminine aspect of Source –  who is honoured and imitated as we celebrate Being. For millennia, and now in all observant households, a prayer is said at the closing of Shabbat as two flames are joined. It is a prayer for a future time when there is no Shabbat, but when the male and female aspects of the Divine are always and continually united in harmony…in equality and Peace.

That time is now, and we have the honour and responsibility of being more and more consciously incarnate as we awaken in these magical bodies of ours….

Blessèd Be!

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