No Fear: Intending Peace

So…how are you digesting the goings-on around this planet of ours lately?

I know that I have found myself frequently lost in space-time, somehow feeling everything that is happening and aware of adjustments occurring in my nervous system. A rewiring is going on that is manifesting in heightened prescience, intensified visions and my apparently showing up in more dreams and meditations than usual. Not having a television helps filter some of the disinformation being fed into the mass consciousness – for the rest, I just have to rely on the wisdom of my body – on what feels right. ‘Common sense’ doesn’t seem to work anymore for sifting truth from lies – the sort of shenanigans that some are getting up to are way beyond anything vaguely related to ‘common’ or ‘sense’.

There is a school of thought amongst us marginals that applies a kind of ‘Sunshine and Lollipops’ strategy to these times of troubled transformation, based on the awareness that we create the reality upon which we focus. Instead of keeping abreast of the dense details of what is happening around the world, adherents to this belief focus instead on their own highest potentials – on radiating Love to wherever it is needed without having to deal with the ‘wheres’ and ‘whys’ of it all. It is pretty well impossible to know what the Truth is anyway, right? Who trusts the media anymore? Why get oneself in knots trying to cross-check and corroborate complex layers of information when that energy could be spent focussing on positive outcomes… on actually manifesting world peace and harmony?

Although I honour and understand completely the validity of this choice, those of you who are fed up with my voluminous FB posts know that I personally have not taken the path of unplugging myself from the planet’s travails. What you might not realise is that I receive at least ten times more information than what I post…believe it or not, I do filter what I pass along.

I’ve been alone on mountaintops, in caves and convents, for enough lifetimes – this time ‘round, I feel the need to serve by being extremely conscious of the state of the planet in a very concrete way, allowing this awareness to flow through me and to engender no fear. My practise is to consciously and constantly anchor the highest frequencies available to us, in each situation, through my heart and into the Earth: May the highest possible reality be manifest for all beings.

New Life arrives in blood and shit. What remains in the belly that has not yet been released and no longer serves us will be expelled as we open ourselves and squeeze through the birth canal, strengthened by the passage. Mother and baby are birthed together, and what makes all the difference is the balance of faith and fear. We are able to give birth on our own, letting Nature simply be, but the solid, loving presence of another woman diminishes the fear and eases the way.

There are challenging potentials looming for this particular birth – storm clouds threatening the planet, particularly through to the end of this year. The recurring image I am receiving is that of a dying reptile, its tail thrashing wildly and indiscriminately. Old hierarchies are not about to easily relinquish their power, and seem to be intent on taking down with them as much as possible of the reality in which they are invested. I’m sorry if this sounds unconscionably obtuse – potentials are, after all, just that, and may never actually have to be dealt with. The collapse of the US dollar; the impactful presence of the second sun in our binary solar system; foreign, reserve and regular troops massing in the US northeast (FEMA sector 3); false flag instigation of the invasion of Syria; the imminent term end of the US Federal Reserve; Egyptian resistance to external meddling in their governance…I could, but won’t, continue this litany of possible flash-points.

For those of you who allow yourselves to believe in such things,  tomorrow, August 25 through to the 26th, there is another celestial alignment related to peace and balance:  Celestial Twinkle: “ Second Star Gateway” or Star of David Aspect on August 25th, 2013 | Celestial Space Astrology Blog. Many of us around the world will be consciously connecting to the descent of these energies and their manifestation on Earth.

Here at Heartroot, something has shifted. Overnight, a tinge of yellow and red has appeared in the leaves on the hills; there is a clarity and freshness to the air – a lightening of the atmosphere. Since early this morning, there has been a sensation of something that I can only describe as Grace.


From the heartrootedness of this place, I send you much Love and many Blessings, whatever your Path may be, and wherever it may take you….



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2 Responses to No Fear: Intending Peace

  1. c’est une grande joie de vous lire Dawn malgré la traduction anglais-français sur internet très approximative et parfois hilarante ! Merci pour vos publications .
    Avec le coeur Dominique

    • dawnbramadat says:

      Dominique, merci pour le commentaire…J’ai arrêté d’écrire en français parce que je suis perfectionniste en anglais …Je ne peux plus tolérer de mal écrire en français, meme si j’aimerais bien communiquer mes pensées à plus de monde….Je me débrouille bien en parlant, mais ça prend plus de dextérité que j’ai actuellement pour bien écrire…
      De coeur à Coeur,

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