Go and Shine: Take 2

Throughout 2013, we were dealing with the energies of the Wounded Masculine in a healing crisis.

Individually as well as globally, the wounding and the compensatory behaviour caused by the illusion of powerlessness  became manifest to the extreme. Bucky Fuller said that women are more easily connected to Unity consciousness because we are women, born of women, born of women in an unending continuity of waves. The male awareness, in contrast, is that of singularity – of the drop of water. The challenge of the masculine principle (in all of us) is to not feel small, powerless, defeated and viciously resentful, but rather to know that it has access to the entire energy of the Ocean if it will only release its fear of dissolving into Life.

In Chinese medicine, the aspects of living systems related to Identity are represented by the Water element – once again, the dilemma and the agony of the drop of water, fearing dissolution in the ocean. So many of us are exhausted these days. Our kidneys and adrenal glands, the physiological manifestation of the Water element, responsible for our vital energy, are taxed as we shift into a new perception of Who We Are.  We require much more sleep and stillness than usual in order to release, recover and adapt.

With the Dark of the Moon  – the New Moon – this New Year’s Day, 2014, we’ve stepped across another threshold of purging and purification, as that which was unconscious or unacknowledged emerges into the Light.   All that is toxic on this planet, in the ocean depths, lurking in cities gouged out of the insides of the Earth, in sealed bank vaults and in closed hearts – it is all rising, to be seen and transformed.

We are mourning our Illusions – the stories we believed, because they were told to us by people we trusted, of knights in shining armour and princesses to be rescued…of Santa Claus and “anyone can become President”.  Perhaps we are mostly grieving our child-like irresponsibility. We have remained in positions of blind obedience to any number of authorities, but it is becoming less and less comfortable and requiring more and more energy to remain as sheep. Many of us can be Idle No More…

There are prophecies that say that when humans have brought themselves to the precipice of extinction, the Red Race will help bring us back from the Edge and into balance.  Around the planet, indigenous peoples are standing strong and rooted in their truth, resisting imposed realities that would lead to the annihilation of Mother Earth.

We are challenged in our belief that we are able to create our realities, but as we connect deeply to the Earth, we touch and reclaim the Magic that is our lost birthright.

Water unites all Life – it is the symbol and the essence of the interconnectedness that is the foundation of all that we still consider “magical”, or, in other words, too wonderful for our betrayed hearts and now suspicious minds to allow as possible. The on-going  Fukushima disaster is of so great a magnitude that most of us have preferred to acquiesce to the mainstream pablum press and just ignore it all. But this one isn’t going away. Steam spewing from Reactor 3 and forming a radioactive cloud is due to make landfall on the west coast of N. America – now. That Masaru Emoto is Japanese can not have escaped our consideration – the Earth provides the antidote to our ailments even before we are aware of them. In this precious man’s work is the key to the healing of the waters of Fukushima – water responds to our intentions.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujQAk9EM3xg&feature=share.

And to top it all off, at the Winter Solstice we crossed into the time of the Water Element in the five-element cycle of oriental philosophy and medicine. The timing, as always, is perfect.

I would have to sit down with you for a week to even begin to recount the impossible synchronocities, the other-dimensional interventions, the close encounters of the “woo-woo” kind – the miracles and the Magic that only I have experienced – in this lifetime! Millions of us now incarnate of this blue-green jewel we call Earth are expanding in awareness of our multidimensionality, are opening our minds and hearts to the complex,wondrous Oneness that IS Magic.

It is Time. The year 2013 was one of healing crisis and that marvellous, chaotic stirring of the pot that undoes rigidity in all its guises. Let us prepare for a 2014 of manifestation – of the reclaiming of our wholeness as creator beings, and the authors of our own destiny.

Imagine yourself moving gracefully with the turbulence of the tides, anchored securely  between Heaven and Earth. A river of Life and Light flows through the centre of your being, joining the heart of the Galaxy ( the galactic core ) with the heart of Gaia, through your own human heart. You become like a string in an instrument of peace – of harmony – and you sing or find a tone that resonates your whole body, your breath and sound moving between the heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Galaxy. Nibi Wabo…Endaangh…Aki miskway…Nibi Wabo….  (http://heartroot.com/chants/)

You become aware that within your human body, within your human heart, Oneness has been born of Duality….You allow your heart to break open in gratitude and wonderment. That consciousness of Oneness that we call Peace…that we call Harmony…that we call Love, radiates outward from your Heart to the entire web of existence, flowing like a warm, sweet, golden light.

As you walk in the world, you do so in full awareness of the Light that You Are.                       Go and Shine…Go and Shine…Go and Shine….

And oh, what a tangled web we weave when                                                                            First we practice to believe                                                                                                                In nothing                        

And I don’t care what name you give                                                                                             To the source of your strength or the way you live                                                                     No I don’t mind if you don’t subscribe                                                                                            To the stories they tell about men who’ve died                                                                           Just let Love be your guiding light                                                                                                 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine… 

from  ‘Another Way’ by Kyra Shaughnessy, from the album Waiting for the Light,2013        http://kyras.net/track/478546/another-way

Peace, and Blessings for a fruitful 2014,                                                                                           Dawn

ps. I ended the first version of this text with a request for a computer with Skype capacities. Guess what?! I am now available for consultations by Skype, which you can organise by going to: http://heartroot.com/store-magasin/. It says “Phone conversation” still, but it can be by Skype if you so wish….

Hehehe…. !

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3 Responses to Go and Shine: Take 2

  1. Kyra, burning inside, We begin the realization of 2014 with our devotion to gifts of life in everyone, everybeing, we share the essentials with every act we make & every dollar we spend. ‘Indigene’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) Community is getting ready to launch an online, web-based ‘Community’ (L ‘com’ = ‘together’ + ‘munus’ = ‘gift or service’) ‘Economy’ (Greek ‘oikos’ = ‘home’) Open-Source software called ‘Do-we-know-who-we-are-?’ for multihome (apartment, townhouse & village) neighbourhoods. The software consists of a web-based Human Resource Catalogue, Resource Mapping & accounting in a Community Investment & Exchange System. Individuals visit their own neighbourhood to find out about the talents, goods & services of their neighbours & local businesses. Everyone can post their own strengths & dreams on their neighbourhood web-site.
    Our programmer has written the software in Ruby-on-Rails over the past several months. We’re working on a web-interface easy to use by all. Anyone with these skills is welcome to join in the effort. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/structure/9-do-we-know-who-we-are

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