Spring Equinox, 2014, Costa Rica

It’s the strangest thing: whenever I have finished doing one of these ceremonies or rituals, it is as if I have been in a time warp – as if I’ve slipped through a tear in the fabric of space-time and back again. As I lie down afterward to rest, whether it took 2 hours or 20, it seems almost as if the whole thing transpired within the blink of an eye….

It’s the first time in decades that I have not been at Heartroot for the Spring Equinox – this alone is a bit disorienting. It feels right for me to be here, though, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.P1030249

Today, our circle of 13 stepped across the threshold of the Equinox holding our highest intentions for our lives in our open, connected and grateful hearts. As Bear crosses into the outside world from the darkness of her cave, Eagle, guardian of the Springtime, teaches us to fly higher so we may see the big picture. Passing from the inner worlds we have inhabited throughout the Autumn and Winter and the work we have done, consciously or not, in honouring the legacy bequeathed to us by our ancestors, we walk in alignment with the clearest Truth about ourselves that we are able to perceive at this moment.

We sang to remind ourselves: Om, Swabhava Suddoh Sarvah Dharma Swabhava Suddoh, Hum – “Of my true nature, I am Pure. Of their true natures, all beings are Pure”.

We sang to Life…to Water, sending healing into the waters of the planet that have been made toxic by our arrogance… by our belief in the illusion of separation.

We skipped over the noon-hot sand into the cool tide. As individual drops of Life we floated, still singing, and allowed our boundaries to dissolve in a sea of Oneness with all Existence. Re-forming, we fashioned ourselves in the image of our highest intentions for ourselves and the world.

Gathering again – a band of mermaids…a circle of Sisters – spiralling Oms carried Love and Gratitude to the world through the surrounding Sea. 1…2…3! We submerged ourselves fully in the water, a closing communal baptism….

Joyously, we made our way again to the shore, each step alive with awareness, each breath, a gift….

Blessèd Be!

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2 Responses to Spring Equinox, 2014, Costa Rica

  1. Iana Roy says:

    Happy Equinox Dawn! Being with you, somehow, in the Circle of circles of sisters and All. Iana ~*~

  2. Julie Gabriel says:

    and blessed be to you!

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