A Blessèd Solstice to All….water wave and drop

I have noticed that for the past 3 years, people arriving for the Summer Solstice celebrations at HeartRoot have been bone-tired – exhausted in a deep, structural way. The frayed and patched belief systems that built the foundations of our physical existence are disintegrating, and with a cost. Between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, we explore our present understanding of who we are as individuals – of our identities as drops of water in the Ocean. We are out in the World, gathering experiences that enable us to perceive more and more clearly what we have learned about the purpose of our lives – about our destiny, as programmed throughout the generations that preceded us. For the vast majority of us, the operative strategies sequestered in our DNA revolve around Survival, which is predicated on a fear of death.

Have you noticed many more people than usual either dying or manifesting ‘terminal’ (“End of the line: Everybody off!”) illnesses or considering suicide? I don’t feel that this is only happening in my personal iCloud…from what I am reading and hearing, this is a global experience. We are being forced as societies and cultures to confront the schism between what we say we believe about Life Eternal and our hard-wired reactions to the end of physical existence. Do we, or do we not know that Something continues after our physical demise?

With escalating frequency and destructiveness, wars around the planet have cut wide swaths in generations of fruitful men. This, and the industrial invention of the nuclear family, have created and sustained for decades the phenomenon of absent fathers, whose sons learned to abandon their own families in turn and whose daughters expected to be abandoned. If classical psychology has focused for so long on the negative impact of Mother (ex. It is taught by rote that asthma is caused by “smothering mothers”.), it can do so because Father was nowhere in sight. The prevalent model for fatherhood has been a void, leaving subsequent progenitors in our lineages prone to feelings of humiliation as they struggle to redefine what it might be, to be a Dad.

This echoes our relationship with Spirit/ God-the-Father, who, like so many other abandoning dads, can easily become the Hero of childhood fantasy. Mom is equated with the Earth and our physical bodies that are oh-so-painfully present, and therefore disrespected and vilified as enemies to our personal freedom.

In the period surrounding the Summer Solstice, we deal with our learning about the masculine, action-oriented aspects of our beings. The correspondent Southern Gate of the Medicine Wheel teaches us about Passion and Power, the vital energy that rises within us through our roots, carrying us out into the World with integrity and dignity of purpose. Or not….

The aching in your bones; the feeling that you are dead inside, or dying; the revisiting of wounds you thought were long-healed; shame and humiliation dogging you at every turn; fatigue that seems to ooze from every cell of your being – this is your personal sphere of manifestation in overlapped concentric circles of existence, all experiencing an exceedingly uncomfortable evolutionary tsunami – Right. Now. Earthquakes, volcanoes, war and civil unrest – your life and body are not separate from any of all this….

masculine and feminine balanceThen again, some of you, having released a healthy dollop of inherited fears, are living the unfathomable bliss that sneaks up on us when we least expect it, that erases all “shoulds” and “can’ts “ and that opens doors to magical synchronicities and all the nifty super-powers we are capable of developing as a species. We could, in times past, be forced into this evolutionary bloom by horror and abuse. Now, we are able to gently move into the next breath of Who We Are Becoming because it is simply Time…and we are ready….

Blessèd Be….

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6 Responses to SUMMER SOLSTICE, 2014

  1. François Zeitouni says:

    Merci!!! Heureux solstice.

    F. xox


  2. Julie Gabriel says:

    Thank you, Dawn.

  3. lissette hernandez says:

    all the words & images I needed to receive. Thanks Dawn 🙂

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