Winter Solstice, Heartroot, 2014

It was at about 3 in the morning, after changing positions several times , pulling a couple more blankets around my shoulders against the settling chill and streeeeetching my spine in every direction possible while sitting in place, that I finally wriggled backward to lean against the meditation room wall and slipped into a crack in the fabric of space-time.. .. My eyes next opened on a slightly paler sky ; the candle on the altar had burned out.

We had begun our vigil at about 8 the previous evening with a meditation to gather our intentions and energies, chanting, and a room full of people. One by one the others had drifted away to the mattresses we had set out in the next room – a couple had returned to the meditation room , fallen asleep again and were softly snoring. Ramiro had slept during the day before and was an experienced meditator, so I had asked him to anchor the meditation with me, knowing he would be able to maintain conscious connection to our intention if I floated away.

I signalled him to not light another candle as yet – we would await the return of the sun ‘s Light … the dawning of the Winter Solstice.

It had been a long night… and in the dark of the moon . I hadn’t really thought about the implications of what we were asked to do – I’d simply heard the clear directive and organised to make it so…. The images and sensations that arose were so clear…so familiar, and resonating in so many concentric circles of space-time – a story, unfolding throughout the night.

We set out together, singing to encourage one another…to keep our intentions high….to lighten the way. As the darkness deepened, the singing faded and our numbers thinned. I saw us as warriors from all ages of our Earth story,drawn together to this time and place – a Calling of The Clans. We stumbled through the Dark in various states of awareness , pulled by Something unseen that was felt in every fibre of our beings.

Clambering back out of the depths of the longest and darkest night of the Medicine Wheel, as the discord of the 432,000-year Kali Yuga dissolves and the first light of Satya Yuga illumines our way, I became aware of the need to mourn the old soldiers we have been. I sent gratitude to the spirits of the West, and to Bear, the teacher-guardian that we were leaving. I left my body as the soul- and blood-stories of each participant flowed through the filter of my being, my back supported by the wall and my soul intention supported by the Land, by the legions of angelic and devic entities gathered in concert with our work, and by two dear friends. …

We have been taught that the Israelites wandered 40 years in the desert, until all who had been born into and identified with slavery had died, before they could cross into the Promised Land. In this same way,we experience and release all strands of identity attached to struggle, to the dualities of dominance and submission, before crossing the threshold of the Northern Portal and beginning our journey back toward the East and the Light.

With the gathering morning, we felt called back to the circle in the meditation room.

In othersight, I saw us arriving through chaos and devastation, our tattered armour falling away as we straightened and stood. The Sun appeared first as a sword,thrusting through the dark and the clouds, then as a point, growing quickly into a warming golden sphere that seeped, then burst over the hills. As all in our identities that was not Love dissipated, we became glowing pillars of Light. Anchoring ourselves between the Heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Galaxy, we each were transformed into a chord in an instrument of Peace…of Harmony..of Love – of all the words we use to mean Oneness.

The energies of our intention-offering entered and fed the web of All Our Relations through the portal that is held at Heartroot; a warm, sweet, sparkling golden light flowed through the Higher Heartline of Gaia, then on through the rest of the earthgrid.

Absorbing the First Light, with hearts full and open in gratitude, we offered individual prayers to the Earth,to the Ancestors who have created our our lives and bodies, to the Web of Being that sustains us all….

O Mitakuye Oyasin.10858491_10203440281303949_3369318730770550260_n


Blessèd Be!

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