Opening to the New Year…

tobacco offeringI’ve often said that I don’t know whether my heart can handle being fuller…I have felt my heart break so many times – splitting open…open…open….With each gathering at Heartroot, each individual session, each meditation, more lives flow through me in technicolour intensity. The World is so close…. It often hurts….

Today was somehow different. Perhaps everything has become more intense – more concentrated. People are dealing with life and death issues,and it all courses through the filter of my body. The pain in my heart was sharp, stabbing…I could see and feel the chamber that was affected – it seemed to bulge and then contract with the crash of sensation against its walls….

I am so grateful for this life and this body….grateful to bursting for all the other lives and bodies I have had the honour of touching. I am aware in every cell, every particle of my being, of the immense honour of being incarnate on this sparkling blue-green jewel of a planet, now, when everything is falling apart and potential is knife-edged and palpable and limitless beyond all possible ken of minds trapped in duality that are also splitting…shattering to reveal the velvety dark void of Oneness beyond.

I thank all of You, my Relations, for the Life you have helped me sculpt.

I send Blessings for a swift and peaceful passage into 2015 and the fullness of Who You Are.

We are so near.Italian chapel, Orkneys

It is Time….

Blessèd Be….

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