images (1)I guess not so many people I know celebrate Palm Sunday anymore….

The story we remember is of Yeshua entering Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, in order to fulfill prophesy, with cheering crowds singing “Hosanna”, waving palm branches and placing them on the path before him….

I feel the words of the Torah and the New Testaments symbolically, and understand this event as Consciousness (Yeshua) entering the Higher Heart (Jerusalem). We could also simply take inspiration from this to walk our paths in faith and according to our clearest and highest personal truths, no matter how they may be received….even if we have an inkling it may not turn out so well….

Where does it come from, that feeling of doom we sometimes feel when considering chucking all the pretense and “shoulds”, freeing ourselves of all we’ve been told about ourselves in lieu of feeling truly aligned with Ourselves…our Essence?

For those of us who believe that we have lived before in other incarnations, or who are more and more able to feel the lives of our ancestors flowing through us, there could be plenty of fodder for hesitation in speaking our truth. Hundreds and hundreds have spoken to me of remembering being burned at the stake and tortured. Even if we just reflect on what is presently flowing in the collective consciousness of humanity on the planet, we can understand the reluctance to stepping into the world as our True Selves.

Although there are those of us who would just rather not know who we really are, the pressure of Spirit is getting so strong in so many….  People express to me a feeling of panic…of feeling cornered by the need to be true to themselves.

Blessings and deepest love and support to all of you who are still hesitating to speak your truth, to surrender to the Life that manifests through you….

And Hosanna! to all of you who are stepping into your true and shining Selves! I bow before you in gratitude….images (2)

Blessèd Be..!

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6 Responses to PALM SUNDAY, 2015

  1. Gayljah says:

    Thank you for this affirmation of a personal choice to step into my Higher Self. Coincidentally, I drive away from my home and marriage of thirty years, this Easter Sunday, to do so. The feeling of doom is in the rear view mirror, and True Self is my destination.

  2. voixvivantes says:

    Thank you, Dawn –

    this is SO BEAUTIFUL !!

    Blessings to you –


    *Katharina Urbschat* *chef de choeur, professeure de musique* *organisatrice d’événements*

  3. metismartin says:

    Beautifully said sister of the dawning dream.
    May your steps lead you ever back to the magnificence in the expressing of your true being.

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