Several of the texts that used to be here on this blog have disappeared…

You see, the original point of starting the blog was to ease my way into putting together a few different books that people have been harassing me (hehehe…You know who you are!) to write for decades.

Lately, I find so many people have been coming to see me with the same issues – themes that I believe all of Humanity is working on at the moment. I have found myself speaking words that I’ve already written and also not having the time to go into the depth I would like to in a 1.5- hour session.

Finally, I’ve just decided to DO it, and pulled out all the  posts relevant to PASSION, SEXUALITY, HUMAN EVOLUTION…etc., stuck them in an order that seemed to make sense, and put it into a workbook of sorts.

I’ve entitled the compilation: Through Duality to Oneness: Healing the Wounds of Gender, and made it available through the Heartroot website ( Just go to the “TOOLS” section….

So far, they’re flying out the door!!


This is a compilation of texts that have previously been published either in The Heretic Magazine ( or on my blog, “Hither and Yon: Teachings from the Living Path of Oneness” (

You will notice that they have not necessarily been arranged chronologically, but rather according to what seems (to me!) to be a logical unfolding of concepts and information.

The Fall of Humanity is recounted in creation legends throughout our planet. They may differ in tone and tint, as do the humans who do the telling, but whether we were exiled from the Garden of Eden, or fell in vibration from Terra 3 and 4 to Terra 1, or developed the Y chromosome in apocalyptic conditions for our physical survival, the story is essentially the same.

We were once whole, harmoniously interwoven with Existence, and then, in one way or another, we shifted into Duality consciousness – into “the Knowledge of Good and Evil” and the separation of Spirit and Matter.

The aspect of Duality that has most fascinated as well as enslaved us is that of gender. The halving of the human being into masculine and feminine polarities has sent us, aching and desperate, in quest of the elusive Grail of Oneness. Media treatment of gender issues are various spins on the “rights” of anyone who does not fall into the category of the alpha hetero male.  Powerful influences require a populace numbed by despair and impotence in order to maintain the hierarchal structures upon which they are perched, and so invest heavily in the industries of poverty, drugs, human trafficking and pornography that attempt to keep us in our lowest possible vibratory states. Spirituality and sexuality are rarely mentioned in the same breath, and when they are, they are often presented as diametrically opposed.

But we are hard-wired for ascension. We are lotuses, rooted in dark and fertile muck, stretching up through watery layers of emotions to the Light and birthing luxuriant blossoms from the union of Heaven and Earth.

I share with many others the deep conviction – the bone-deep sensation – that we are on the threshold of coming Home, of returning to Grace, of attaining our destiny of once again being Whole … and Holy.

The texts gathered here use multi-layered metaphors to speak to the reader’s unconscious and to help activate awakening codes within the body – that part of the Earth for which each one of us is responsible.

I offer this with deepest gratitude for each of you and the part you are playing in our planetary movement through Duality to Oneness….


Blessings, in Oneness,


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