Heeding the Call…

I have had no idea why I was called here -I just knew I was to be on the island of Iona tomorrow for the Autumn Equinox. It still barely feels real, but I have felt the energies rising for a few days now .The full moon and eclipse were surely a part of this, but in the past couple of days in particular I’ve felt my sensitivity becoming more acute. Marissa and Alfredo took me up to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh the evening before last – I could clearly feel the energies of the ancient forts and their communities.

This morning, my head began throbbing with violent images before I found out we were passing through Glen Coe, also called The Glen of Weeping for the infamous massacre that occurred there. (http://www.bayviewkentallen.co.uk/glencoemassacre.html)

Magnificently ominous clouds accompanied the ferry ride from Oban to Mull, holding on to their downpour until after the hour-ish bus trip that deposited us at the jetty in Fionnphort. Travellers from around the planet gathered in the tiny tea shop that serves as  waiting room for anyone catching the ferry to Iona. I waited there a while until I could check into my B&B, then walked through the wind and rain to the welcoming care of Gillian at Staffa House. (http://www.staffahouse.co.uk/)

The warm tea and the rain drumming on the conservatory roof made me drowsy – I drifted off to sleep as soon as I lay down  in my room. Golden light filled the windows when I awoke. With a whoop of joy I ran to open the window and was startled by a glorious double rainbow, arcing crisply around the village.

Tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox, and I sail to Iona….

Blessèd Be….

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