Yesterday I stumbled into this article that I wrote for The Heretic Magazine, Vol.5, in 2014, and although it was time-specific and therefore parts are dated, I’m still surprised at the extent to which it is relevant now…. (Not a short read…and I’m not responsible for the Roman numerals!! hehehe….Just too lazy to change them all back!)

The Shift of the Ages. It seems as if I’ve been reading and hearing about this – and feeling its approach – all my life.
Then again, maybe most of us have, especially in the past couple of years, though we’ve likely attributed our perceptions to causes more personal and individual: ‘I wish I had more energy’; ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with me – I just can’t seem to make decisions these days’; ‘This is so embarrassing – my life is a soap-opera!’; ‘When xyz that I am waiting for finally happens, I’ll be able to move on in my life’…. Haven’t you noticed how terribly commonplace it is for people to feel overwhelmed these days – by lack of direction, by rapid and random changes that are creating chaos in the 9-to-5, by rootlessness and indecision? A sense that the planet is teetering precariously on the edge of a darker and darker reality seems to be vying with another potential – that we are actually at the brink of a leap of consciousness into a great, multidimensional unknown.

While the need to Find Oneself, to Express Oneself, to find One’s Mission or Calling, and the corollary of all this, be True to Oneself, has become the ubiquitous meme of those with the leisure to read, study and Google, it might actually be those who have been just barely surviving for long enough to feel they have nothing to lose who have become most vocal about their desire for Something Else – for a meaning to their lives. One could make quite a cogent argument for this mal d’être being the motivation behind the entire Arab Spring; the wonderful documentary film about the Egyptian uprising, ‘The Square’, seems to substantiate this point of view as well.i

Home”, in the sense we have learned to cherish, is a refuge from the fear and insecurity of what is unknown – a place where we know the rules. It’s a cage, perhaps, but one that we know intimately, often rebelling while relishing the tastes, smells, beliefs and behaviours that have been cultivated and preserved over generations – it is a placenta that nourishes us until we are strong and able enough to set out and create a duplicate of our own. (I can hear some of you vehemently denying that you have replicated your parents’ home, but it is not only imitation, but rejection as well that flatters.)

But in these chaotic and volatile times, nothing is certain or stable – we have lost that comfy-housecoat-and-slippers sense of safety. Many of us are even finding that either emotionally or literally, we have no Home – no safe place to go and hibernate until… it’s all over?

How do we face the dark on the edge of annihilation? How do we find the dark within and transform it, own it as our own power? How do we dream it into a new image, dream it into actions that will change the world into a place where no more horror stories happen, where there are no more victims?” asks Starhawk in the Prologue to her 2012 Dreaming the Dark.ii

How, indeed….

There are some for whom the question is a non sequitur, as they believe that nothing that is now occurring is any more threatening than what humanity has previously visited upon itself. All is as usual. Every generation has had its challenges. This is ours. Apocalyptic notions and conspiracy theories of all stripes are paranoid and unfounded hogwash. This opinion is shared by such eminences as anthropologist Wade Davisiii and, if I am not mistaken, The Heretic’s own Andrew Gough.

Then there is the ‘the end of the world is nigh’ fraternity. Bob Nichols in Veterans Todayiv, December 28, 2013, expresses his feelings about life after Fukushima thus: ‘There are no solutions. You will die quicker or later – it’s your choice.’ He and many other researchers to whom I have spoken believe that the Japanese disaster of 3-3-11 was what they call an ‘extinction-level event’.v This world-view might seem diametrically opposed to the ‘business as usual’ sorts, but I think I hear a common impotent, laissez-faire-because-there’s-nothing-you-can-do-about-it-anyway tone in both discourses.

Other strains of nihilism envision a panoply of means to our demise. Many of them claim that the tsunami that hit Fukushima was HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Programvi) induced, and point to a depopulation agenda that they feel has been clearly stated and secretly orchestrated through a variety of methods that have masqueraded as means of social advancement: fluoridation, vaccinations, GMOs, fertilisers and pesticides, aerosol spraying of chemicals (chemtrails- ha! Not even recognised by Spellcheck!), processed and junk foods, electromagnetic radiation, and a growing number of chemical pharmaceuticals …. The HIV and SARS flu viruses, among others, are alleged to have been seeded into the human population purposefully with population reduction in mind. Now the bubonic plague, infamous as the Black Death and dreaded for having wiped out huge percentages of every population to have hosted it, is back as well.vii Piquing my interest are the very insistent warnings of antibiotic-resistant strains which ‘could potentially’ escape the island nation of Madagascar where it has been spreading in crowded, rat-infested conditions.

That a ruling Elite, composed of malevolent beings, human and/or non-human, is combining with the global military-industrial complexviii in efforts to enslave us under a New World Order, is another possibility espoused by a great many people who have made informing humanity of these things their mission. These include David Ickeix, Kerry Cassidyx and Bill Ryan,xiAlex Jones xiiand a whole slough of radio shows and independent media outlets. Canadian Benjamin Fulford, former Asian Business Editor for Forbes magazine, publishes a ‘weekly geo-political news and analysis’, the ‘Asian Underground Report’ from Japanxiii. That he IS still in Japan I suppose says something about whatever information he is privy to with respect to the consequences of Fukushima.xiv

Other potential apocalyptic events that are making the rounds of the collective consciousness are a meteor hit (ISON, Nibiru, Planet X, Elenin, the Blue Kachina….) or electromagnetic shifts that would trigger all active volcanoes, the most dangerous being Yellowstone, which is poised to blow in the very centre of the N. American continentxv. There are also those who believe that as we are gradually increasing the interface of humanity and technology, we will eventually give up our frail and fallible bodies to meld seamlessly with a biotechnological Singularity. For some, such as ‘futurist’ Ray Kurtzweill, this smells like omnipotence, omniscience and freedomxvi. An article by Peter Suderman in The Washington Times on June 1, 2011, quoted ‘R. U. Sirius’, editor of H+ (Humans Plus) magazine:There’s a certain alertness to the science fictional nature of current reality as we start to see artificial intelligences compete in chess and then on ‘Jeopardy,’ and we see the manipulation of biology becoming a leading industry, and we see people being regularly ‘cyborged’ with replacement parts.’ Entitled ‘X-Men’ and us: Are we all part superhero now?’, the article went on to suggest that the new run on superhero movies is aimed at popularising the idea amongst technology-obsessed youth that we need not be ‘merely human’.

Some feel that to foresee the trend to transhumanism ending up as a Singularity over-extrapolates on an equation with too many variablesxvii. For the biophiles (a term used derogatively by many futurists, it seems) among us, it carries the scent of death, as part of a ‘Transhumanist Agenda’ which has as its goal the reduction of our human potential for accessing higher dimensions of existencexviii.

Although we managed to survive past the dreaded date of December 21, 2012, there is still a deep, strong current of belief that civilisation as we understand it will be wiped out in the not-too-distant future. The planet will be devastated by global warming or a global ice age or World War III or maleficent extra-terrestrials, or we may disappear as a species into the bowels of a machine – in these scenarios, only the few hardy, prepared, armed or safely hidden underground will survive. If this is what we can expect from the Shift of the Ages, it’s a bit like popping from 5th into reverse – and a great way to wreck a transmission!

A hefty percentage of the global spiritual community seems to extrapolate from the tenet that The world is an illusion and our realities are created by our own beliefs, to If we focus our attention on horrible things, they will happen. We must concentrate only on the positive if we wish for positive outcomes. This mind-set is described by James Gillilandxix, in a December 21, 2013, message with the cheery title, ‘A New Age Denial and Death Sentence’, as new age teachings which were generated from Stanford Research Institute and other groups working with mind control and steering the masses…. The new age philosophy…is one of the many ways this evil has progressed to a level where it is going to take a cataclysmic event to dethrone it…. It is smug arrogance and ignorance, mind controlled spiritual ego to continue in these perpetuated doctrines… The neutered, zombie, mind controlled robot worker is not an option….’

Wouldn’t the ‘neutered, zombie, mind controlled robot workers’ among us – not, I suspect, a demographic that would include many readers of The Heretic – be by definition unaware of their torpor and regard the status quo as a simple, unquestioned Reality? I think that Mr. Gilliland is confusing those in the spiritual community who are actually having to exert a great deal of discipline in order to ignore any impinging negativity (I see people sticking their fingers in their ears and singing loudly, ‘LALALALA…’. Or perhaps ‘Om’ in ascending decibels: ‘om…Om…OM…OOOMMM!!!’), with the zombie robot workers whose noses are kept uncomfortably close to their whirring grindstones in order to avoid anything not fed to them by the pablum news. Mind you, even the grindstones aren’t as smooth as what they used to be – the odds of keeping your measly-paying job aren’t great these days. It’s pretty much a crap shoot whether or not one stays employed, in the zombie robot-worker reality. We are on shifting sands, and those who desperately want Security, must spend more and more time, money and energy in maintaining its illusion.

That the Apocalypse and the Second Coming of the Messiah are just around the corner is an absolute certainty for many who read all the prophetic signs as having appeared. As a matter of fact, a very thick thread coloured by the religious and evangelical Right runs through the upper echelons of governance in the West. Messrs. Bush & Co., as well as the present Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, belong to that shade of Christianity that requires Jewish people to be in Israel at the time of the Rapture. (Why? Best not to ask….) This probably goes a long way toward explaining the ‘the end justifies the means’ attitude to election-rigging (they are put there by God, not mere mortals) and their embarrassingly effusive love-affair with Israel, who is acting like the favourite son who knows he can get away with murder (sic) and still be seen as just ‘a bit mischievous’.

The anticipation of the Messiah in 2014 – 2015 has been stoked by the discovery of a pattern related to the phenomenon of Blood Moons, discovered by Pastor Mark Biltz and expanded in the book Four Blood Moons by Pastor John Hagee.xx From the Book of Joel, Chapter 3:3-4: ‘And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.’ It seems that historically the occurrence of Blood Moons (the red glow of the moon during full solar and lunar eclipses) on both Jewish celebrations of Pesach and Sukkot in a given year has coincided with significant events for the Jewish people.xxi Messianic Christians and Jews alike are ante-ing up for the arrival of You-Know-Who in the very near future.

There is much happening in the world, however, to dilute, and perhaps even entirely counter, a sackcloth-and-ashes perspective.

When there is mass unemployment, poverty and homelessness, as in Egypt, globally on indigenous reserves, in the U.S.A. and in the numerous war zones splattered around the planet, people begin to ask questions…and demand answers. Determination and hope begin eventually to germinate in the humus of decaying societies.

The righteous certainty that we must fight oppression and darkness if we are to topple the elite hierarchy (‘the 1%’) that now dominates the world, motivates communities such as Gilliland et al as well as the hacking, whistle-blowing, social-media-fuelled Occupy and Anonymous movements. The swelling Idle No More movement, based in indigenous, Earth-honouring spirituality, acts in fulfillment of prophecies from many nations that spoke of how the Red Race would come to the assistance of Humanity at this time, when the Earth is perched on the edge of annihilation, to remind us of how to walk in balance.xxii The path of the spiritual warrior is leading many of us out of the safety of our meditation rooms and hilltop hiding places. ‘We need a politics of conscience – a new era of public discourse in which love is not minimized, the voices of women and children are not marginalized, and the future is not bartered for a pot of unrighteous gold. Love should be our bottom line, in politics as well as in everything else’, says Marianne Williamson, a spiritual teacher of repute who has recently announce her candidacy for election to the U.S. House of Representatives from California’s Congressional District 33.xxiii

Increasingly, very serious and credible people are bringing forward the message that Earth has always been and will continue to be under the surveillance of off-planet beings who love and care for us. In 2005, Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Defense Minister, was the first high-ranking politician to publicly speak of an alien presence on Earth, and he is still going strong.xxiv Since then, documentary film-makers Juan Carlos Rulfo and Raul Julia-Levy (producer), collaborated with the Mexican government to launch the film Revelations of the Mayans: 2012 and Beyond, timed for release in December, 2012. Apparently under express orders from President Álvaro Colom Caballeros, and ‘for the good of humanity’, ‘Mexico (released) codices, artifacts and significant documents with evidence of Mayan and extraterrestrial contact, and all of their information… corroborated by archaeologists.’xxv Many of the images shared from the suppressed Mexican archives are identical to those of the vimanas – the flying ships described and illustrated in painstaking detail in numerous ancient Indian textsxxvi.

Mary Rodwell, author of Extraterrestrials, Human Consciousness and Dimensions of Soul: The intimate connectionxxvii – a kind, intelligent Australian former nurse who could be anybody’s favourite aunt- has gathered thousands of testimonies attesting to the presence of extra-terrestrials and other-dimensionals among us, and of humans as hybrids of a variety of other species. Ms. Rodwell describes the present global shift as an awakening, the most intense part of this process to be achieved by 2017, and the passage into another reality having been completed by 2025. What lends weight to these dates for me is that, in the Yuga Cycle or Kalachakra of Indian tradition, the end-year for the Kali Yuga (the Age of Deterioration) and the threshold into Satya Yuga (the Age of Truth) is 2025.xxviii

For nothing is hid, that shall not be made manifest; nor [anything] secret, that shall not be known and come to light… Luke 8:17

Over the past year or so, a great many free or zero-point energy sources have crept out of hiding. Hundreds of ‘how-to’ videos and blueprints are available on the internet for DIY–ers who want to at least protect themselves from the increasingly frequent and disastrous power outages of the main electrical grid, if not to afford themselves complete self-sufficiency. Seventy years after the death of Nikola Teslaxxix and almost fifty years since the demise (in similar but even worse conditions) of Wilhelm Reich, the energies of the universe are finally being tapped for the benefit of our world.

The all-electric automobile maker, Tesla Motors, Inc., is making inroads into the U.S.A. car In Paris, AutoLib’ charging stations for electric car rentals are everywherexxxi – similar enterprises are getting off the ground with varying speeds around the world.xxxii

Anarchism has the advantage as regards liberty, Socialism as regards the inducement to work.  Can we not find a method of combining these two advantages?  It seems to me that we can. Bertrand Russell xxxiii

Bertrand Russell echoed a discourse that was found in Thomas Moore’s Utopia and has not disappeared since. Founded in 1986 as the Basic Income European Network, ‘BIEN’ expanded in 2004 to become the Basic Income Earth Network. The foundational belief is that an economic right that is not based on judgement of one’s ‘productivity’, nor of one’s family status, is required as part of a just solution to the social problems of developed economies. This is as opposed to the problems of the under-developed world, formerly known as the Third World, which mostly already care for their own without need for any academic justification. Ubuntu (loosely translated as ‘being human’) is an Nguni Bantu term for a way of being in community that, along with the council circle, is woven into most cultures that have maintained a connection to the Earth and the natural world. xxxiv

Oxfam International published a report to the World Economic Forum on January 20, 2014, that contained the startling statistics that 85 individuals now own more than the whole bottom half of the world’s population, and the wealth of the infamous top 1% is 65 times greater than the total wealth of the bottom half.xxxv The planet could definitely benefit from a dose of Ubuntu – as more and more people wake up to this fact, the call for a kinder, gentler world is getting louder….xxxvi

I am acquainted with three people who are bridging the realms of spirit and science in a very high-profile way, facilitating our emergence into a new awareness of the multiverse and our place in it.

In July, 2011, I attended an exceptional gathering in Montreal where Nassim Haramein xxxviipresented highlights from his ground-breaking, newly completed physics paper, ‘The Cosmological Constant and the Schwartzschild Proton’, which had far-reaching ramifications and applications in the field of free energy. The buzz was cranked up to ‘Tingle’ in a room full of the brightest lights in the Montreal alternative community – all the more so because this was Nassim’s hometown…. I had been trying to find a way to study with another luminary, Ibrahim Karim, the founder of Biogeometry – an application of ancient Egyptian science to the problems of our modern ‘wired’ environment.xxxviii Having met him previously, I’d decided that I wanted to learn more about his elegant geometric solutions to electromagnetic smog – the problem was that his website said he was only teaching in Egypt. Walking into the venue for Nassim’s talk, Dr.Karim was the first person I saw – he warmly informed me that he and his family had moved to Montreal! The third person who is making big waves these days is Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, an Iranian nuclear scientist now living in Belgiumxxxix who has established an eponymous Foundation in order to freely disseminate discoveries that involve gravity, magnetism and plasma reactors applied to create new technologies for healing, food production, free energy, space travel … and the neutralisation of toxic radiation.xl

My instincts about the Fukushima disaster have been that first, this is a challenge to those of us who believe in Oneness and non-duality. If nothing is separate from Source, how should we react to things that ‘everybody knows’ are toxic – deadly? My practise, and that which has arisen as well for many friends and acquaintances, has been to receive Life unconditionally – to hold whatever comes to us in our hearts with love. This includes the radioactive fallout of uranium and caesium from Fukushima, as well as the strontium, barium, nanoparticles and other nasties being sprayed on us, ostensibly in the name of geoengineering climate rescue missions.xli Although we are able to make choices in our lives that can lessen our exposure to these acknowledged toxins, our planet Terra/Gaia is a living organism and what flows through any part of her flows through All Our Relations. Other, more celestial influences, such as the Sun having flipped its magnetic fieldxlii, the heightened quantity and magnitude of solar storms (CMEs: coronal mass ejections)xliii and the fact that the solar system is passing through a high-frequency plasma cloudxliv are also affecting the electrically-based nervous systems of all living creatures on Earth. Information has become readily available to those who wish to support their physical bodies through these energetic tempests battering the planet.xlv

The other intuition I had was that Fukushima was going to have an important role in fast-tracking human evolution. Perhaps this will happen as we claim our ability to communicate with Water – to heal it, and therefore all Life, through focussed, loving intentionxlvi. The implications of this extend like rootlets through the entire web of Being and could be instrumental in overturning the illusion of impotence that has been hard-wired into us for who-knows-how-long.

Alfred Lambremont-Webrexlvii has stated, Fukushima will lead to a consciousness that our society cannot continue as it is and to a transformation in how humanity organizes on our planet.’ on the websitexlviii. I also felt, though, that the actual energy deployed by the explosions at the TEPCO Daichi plant could, absorbed into the body of Gaia, create an elevation in frequency that might just push us over the edge and into the long-awaited Shift into multidimensionality. As so often happens, I was afforded a couple of serendipitous confirmations of my suspicions. Asked to help with a final edit of the soon-to-be-published memoirs of Dr. Bernard Grad, the first person to scientifically examine, and therefore validate, the phenomenon of hands-on healing, an apprentice of Wilhelm Reich and another Montrealer (!), I came across a few pertinent paragraphs musing on the potential influence of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 on the break-up of the former Soviet Union. The explosion coincided with Gorbachev’s new policies of glasnost (freedom of speech) and perestroika (rebuilding), and in 1987, Estonia became the first of the Baltic States to demand autonomy. By 1991, the U.S.S.R. had dissolved into fifteen distinct countries, the Cold War was over, and the U.S.A. left standing to dominate world politics. Perhaps we are not looking at a causal relationship, but rather a state of the orgone – the electromagnetic energy of Terra/Gaia – that resulted in all of these eruptions. One can easily see a parallel global situation at the time of the Fukushima event, but perhaps this time the U.S.A. is the empire in decline.

According to Dr. Dean Brown, Robert Oppenheimer, a fellow student of Sanskrit texts, said he was thinking of the dance of Shakti as he observing the first atomic bomb go off. What is most commonly quoted as his reaction to the detonation at Alamogordo, however, is from the Bhagavad Gita: ‘Brighter than a thousand suns, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’ xlix

When one world ends, another is born…. It is worth remembering that every eight months, we have created an entirely new body – every one of our cells has died and been replaced. Your liver has a cycle of eight weeks. As night follows day and the seasons chase each other around the Medicine Wheel, all living systems move in cycles – in spirals. As I finish this text, we have crossed the threshold of the Chinese New Year, terminating years of deep cleansing brought by the energies of the Dragon and the Snake in Water, and beginning a cycle of empowered self-realisation carried on the back of the Wood Horse.l

Our individual lives revolve and evolve into and out of consciousness and materiality in an intricate, eternal dance of perfection and beauty.

It is in this Knowing that we may find our new Home and refuge.

Blessèd Be….

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xxx It has recently been announced that 80% of the population of the contiguous states is now near a Tesla Supercharger station, and a Tesla car owner can now drive across the continent for free!


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