First posted on July 11, 2014

We have learned to think of our bodies as what isolate us from the rest of the world – as prisons, not temples, of Spirit. The illusion of separation and aloneness is the source of so much of our collective suffering…et pourtant….

Imagine your root chakra as really having roots that descend deep into the Earth, interlacing with the roots of All Our Relations: of the plants, the animals, the mineral realms – of all Beings created of and sustained by Gaia. This is so much more than a lovely image – it is a fundamental reality that has gone missing from cultures that consider themselves “civilized”.i.e. who have declared themselves free of the wonder and dominion of Nature and therefore no longer “primitive”.

Your body is created of the Earth – of the stuff of the planet. We consume the fruit of the Earth in order to grow these bodies according to the template programmed into each of our cells by our parents and ancestors. We gather particles of the Earth in order to construct our bodies in the image of what we have learned we must be.

Through space and time, threads are woven from the different energetic personalities of the variety of places on the planet from whence your ancestors have come. See your body as being woven of all these multicoloured threads – an intricate, exquisite tapestry of this world.

In the past, our senses have limited the amount and the sort of information available to our conscious selves with the fervour of a protective parent: “The poor dear won’t be able to handle this – we’ll just ignore it for now”. Now, however, we are in times of potential transformation, when higher and higher frequencies are flowing toward the Earth, bathing her and all her denizens in a purifying flood of energy…. The active parts of our brains are expanding past the fear and survival-based tiny percentage previously available. Imagine branches, or antennae or streams of energy leaving your brain and extending into all other realms/dimensions of existence – we are evolving (for some of us, being catapulted) into a multidimensional state of being. Indigenous prophecies of Turtle Island call this the Fifth Root Race of humanity, or the People of the Eighth Fire….

Our skin does not have to be seen as armour anymore, protecting us from the Jungle Out There. Become aware that this membrane that you have thought of as the frontier between You and The World is an illusion – not only is it full of holes on a macro level, but when you delve into the atomic scale of things, the deep, velvety void that underpins all Existence is ubiquitous and identical in both the somewhat fuzzy and arbitrary Inside and Out…. Particles resonating with your intentions can be found waaaaaay outside the conventional limits of your body, and even of your “personal space”.

Each breath you take has travelled to you through clouds and streams and stars, passing through the bodies of multitudes of other beings before flowing through you. As you exhale, you send your breath, tinted with your own colours, to continue circulating through the multiverse. Cultivating the physical sensation of gratitude and wonder sets up a high vibratory frequency that we share with the world with every breath.  And when we lay our bodies back down in the earth, we will have assisted in the elevation of the planet….

Like a rainbow’s colours, phasing and melding one into the next, the fractal layers of this planetary reality intersect and reflect each other: the symptoms erupting in your physical body and in your life are manifestations of the same clearing being experienced in families and communities, in cultures and societies and in the body of the planet.

We are the Earth in transformation: feel this as reality in your bones and flesh and breath….  Hold gratitude in your heart, still and strong. As you walk through your life, do so in full awareness of the Light that You Are.

Go and Shine.

Go and Shine.

Go and Shine….P1400261

Blessèd Be…


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