Summer Solstice, 2017


The Summer Solstice is on our doorsteps! The “joke” in this neck of the woods is that after June 21 Winter is on its way, as the daylight begins to slowly shrink towards the cold and the dark. And here at Heartroot, our frost-free date is in the second week of June. Sigh…. We’ve got to get that greenhouse done!

A heads up for those of us who’ve forgotten: this is the time of greatest solar, yang, male energy in the northern hemisphere.

The genetic/cultural/social programming we’ve received about How to Survive Out in the World will be rising to take centre stage these days. Do you find yourself pushing yourself past any rational physical limits? Are you feeling martyred? Have you caught yourself being an aggressive jerk lately? Think about it… Where was that behaviour learned? How far back in your family lineage can you see the same attitudes and actions reflected? How’s it working for you these days 0_o ?

Maybe we don’t have to charge into Life like it’s a battlefield, desperately attempting to prove that we aren’t stupid, worthless and unlovable…?

We’ve got a wonderful opportunity in this period of greatest Light, to take some time to reflect on our highest Truths – to align ourselves with the most elevated vibrational frequencies that we can access at any given moment and to radiate them consciously as we walk in the World. Let’s cultivate Gratitude and make it our offering to the multiverse!

Don’t think for a second that the Martyr or the Bully or the Social Butterfly or the Depressed Loner is who you really are – these are roles that we were so subtly guided into that we believe they are our identities.

But…Nothing that is not Love is who you truly are.

You are Love – period. All the rest has been learned and, once witnessed, can be released. The World – our Earth – awaits your Light.

Summer Solstice Blessings to All….




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2 Responses to Summer Solstice, 2017

  1. Shawn says:

    Great message, sending love to you, mon ami!

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