Todo cambia….


Waxing half-moon                                                The end of August as the leaves begin to turn…  2017

It’s been quite the month or so…

It feels as if Humanity is having to acknowledge and finally figure out what to do with its basest urges and their fallout. As we each are particles of the organ that is Humanity in the body of the being that is Gaia, we can expect the same themes to arise in our own bodies and lives.

I personally have lived a repeat performance – diluted somewhat, thank heavens – of an excruciating experience from 25 years ago. I hadn’t squeezed all the juice out of the situation the first time ‘round, and so found myself confronted with another woman who had studied by my side long enough to consider me The Competition.

I’ve witnessed this transference process a gazillion times: first comes adoration and emulation, then challenge and eventually competition, before finally the student/client leaves to make her own way in the world. It’s emotionally logical, mostly unconscious, and much of the etiquette and legalities of professional codes of conduct have been created to deal with the consequences of these projections.

“Professional” behaviour requires one to stuff one’s heart in the office safe under lock and key, hopefully remembering to take it back out again when Work ends for the day.

I’ve never been a fan of locking up my heart, and on most occasions, have gratefully observed it being more flexible and elastic than ever imagined. But this time hit some scar tissue – some old stuff that had healed hard – and it hurt to stretch.

My mind understands where to get to – or rather, I guess it’s my Higher Heart that Knows. I Know that the truth of all beings is Light, and that no one tries to hurt another without first being hurt themselves. I’m just tired right now of putting myself in the line of fire of so many people who have mother issues and don’t choose to realise it.

So… I’ve decided to live this as a sign and an opportunity to make some changes in my life and the direction of my work.

I recognise that many have defined the work I do by the maternal quality of my touch. Some still think that I do massage, and most consider what I do as bodywork. One result of this is that the many hours I spend per day replying to emails and answering phone queries or speaking to people on Skype are not considered “work” – i.e. I am not paid for it although most of it is clearly consultory in nature…

I’ve been doing a juggling act for decades now between City Mouse and Country Mouse, believing that I needed to travel to work in the city to support the Farm, yet often feeling stressed about having to find reliable caretakers for Heartroot.

I’ve rarely felt able to take the time I would need to make the herbal medicines and properly use the abundance of wild foods from the Land.

I’ve felt for years now that there’s been Something coming down the tube in the way of a school…an ashram…a convent!

This has all swirled around and taken the form of what will indeed be a school: a School for the Reclaiming of the Womanly Arts. Before you choke or trip over your jaw, take a moment to read what I’ve attached below 😊

I will be working mostly from Heartroot after this year, doing Skype and phone consultations. People who want to come see me there are also most welcome to do so! I’ll still be travelling wherever people ask me to go –  to teach, to consult, and to do clearing and ceremony for the Earth. If you’d like me to go work in your corner of the planet, just let me know!

More and more people (all genders as well as families) are availing themselves of the energies of Heartroot to take personal retreats for reflection, for specific projects, or for personal healing. My feeling is that this will continue and increase.

You’ll notice, as you read the curriculum enclosed, that this is far more than one person could comfortably do. I’m looking for teachers who would like to work from Heartroot in the spirit of an interdependence of women – a collective noun that I feel perfectly reflects the state to which we are evolving in consciousness….

I feel grateful and so excited!

Blessèd Be!








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3 Responses to Todo cambia….

  1. marie-l meyre says:


    I am so happy to read you and to see that project! Soooo happy for you and for what is to come….

  2. Shawn Trotter says:

    Hi Dawn, I am so excited for you in your new life change. So many of us do not know what they want or should do at this stage of our lives. But, you have found a clear direction. Being able to perform your work at your ‘happy place’ is a true blessing. I wish for you much success.

    Hugs my dear friend,

    Shawn Sent from my iPad


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