France and Spain, 2019

My understanding and experience is that when we live in communion with rather than in denial of our bodies, we can access not only the vast realms of information and reality within our physical forms, but we are also in direct contact with unfathomable knowledge and wisdom accumulated in the body of the Earth and of All Our Relations.

Far from being meaty prisons that separate us from the rest of Existence, our bodies are delicate antennae, anchored in the Earth and tuned to the dimensional reality of our choosing.

This truth is shared with all the “primitive” peoples around the planet who never renounced their oneness with Gaia throughout the millennia. It is the foundation of a clairvoyant capacity called psychometry, popularised by police who employ “psychics” to “read” items of clothing belonging to missing persons or the strong energies imprinted in crime scenes.

These abilities used to be common – the many Medicine Societies of the First Nations of Turtle Island went underground only after their members were thrown into insane asylums by Judeo-Christian colonisers hell-bent on curing them of their visions.

We all have “paranormal” abilities, but most of us have been trapped in the institutionalised Normalcy of Church, School and State – our antennae vandalised (systematic and ritual abuse, the shearing of aboriginal people’s hair, the deifying of The Screen in all its forms) … our wings clipped.

We have been shackled by Cartesian Logic, by the tyranny of Normal, and mostly, by the belief that we can not survive separate from our Herd… our Tribe. Even among the swelling ranks of the Outcast – the homeless, impoverished and disempowered – there is a culture of homogeneity, of rules to follow. If we don’t obey the rules of our Tribe, we’re out. Feel this reality inside yourself for a minute. Think of all the hundreds of little things you do every day to hide who you really are – to blend in at work, in the family, on the streets.

But there are legions of us now – an Army of Light that I have watched steadily grow throughout this lifetime – praying, singing, meditating, working with crystals and doing ceremony and ritual to fortify the natural energy grid of Gaia. We are called to places where bloodshed, fear and violence have been imprinted in the Earth and are still affecting the beings living there, to help with clearing and release. Many of us are doing the same kind of work with individuals. We are using our expanding capacities to access our Real Stories – the stories of our ancestors, our former lifetimes and of the Earth that have been hidden from us.

I call the experience of receiving information about the history encoded energetically in the Earth “intuitive archaeology” and make no attempt to explain or justify the visions that arise, much less to convince anyone to believe them. Sometimes I share my experiences, sometimes not.

Over the past several years, I’ve been receiving what first seemed like random bits of information, through ‘normal’ channels. At some point, though, the bits started connecting like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle – to almost form a picture. The individual pieces involve such potentially disparate themes as the Templars, the Orkney Islands, medieval Spanish poetry, Columbus, the colonisers of Costa Rica, Mary Magdalene, Oak Island and the Trail of Tears.

The first half of April next year, I will travel to the areas of France and Spain that border the Pyrenees to connect with the energies in very specific sites and see whether I can complete this tantalising puzzle. Recently, I decided to ask a few like-minded others to accompany me.

What do you think? Might you be interested? I should have all the details together by the end of this month (June, 2018), but if you’re meant to come, you’ll likely feel it without them.

Blessings,                                                                                                                                            Dawn






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