“COMMUNITY” and “ASCENSION”: meaning and manifestation

In the clearclear skies over Heartroot, Mars twinkles, big, red and saucy, reminding us who’s been in charge these days. We’re getting the chance to experience everything that still irritates, niggles and infuriates, close-up and personal. Stuff that has been hibernating in our cells, unconsciously manipulating our reactions since childhood, is awakening and streeeeetching into awareness. The most miraculous configurations of people and events are woven to recreate and stimulate difficult memories – one’s we’ve tried SO hard to deny or forget.

Mars is joined by six of his sibs gone retrograde: Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Mercury all seem to be moving backward in the Heavens, so despite the heat, trying to manifest anything new feels like molasses in January.

Deadly high temperatures actually slow everything down but the wildfires – we’re glued to air conditioners, fans or anywhere wet or shady.

It’s summer, though, and we northern dwellers are busily celebrating it – something in us feels the cold weather already lurking around the corner. I counted five red convertibles in the Metro parking lot in Megantic the other day!

A couple of reflections have come out of teachings and meditations lately.

The first was about residual belief-feelings that we have about Community. The village unit, especially here in Canada and elsewhere where Wilderness is so very present, was created out of fear. We needed to live together in a clump to support and protect each other from Winter, wild animals, The English, The French, The Indians… all the things we were frightened of. When we maintain a position of protection over time, nastiness ensues. An image I have in my home is called The Protecting Circle: it is of male bison, in a circle with their pointy ends facing menacingly outward. Inside the circle, we surmise, are the elderly, the females and the young. It has always been evident to me that if the “protective circle” is held too long, the crap will all fall on those that are being “protected”… In a village, it’s the gossip, the back-stabbing, the knowing and judging of everybody else’s business that are infamously damaging, and the reason many fled for the anonymity and seeming freedom of the Big City.

We have an aching, though, for Community – we’re social critters. What happens if we no longer gather in fear of a common Enemy, but rather to celebrate a commonality of resonance and purpose?

At Heartroot, people often arrive expecting something like a village, and puzzle “So where’s the Community?” My first reaction is to draw their attention to the trees and animals and stones – the Community of Life, of All Our Relations, surrounds us! The human part of our Community is a flow of individuals and families in and out of the Land as they feel the need. There are many people around the planet who feel connected to Heartroot through their work with me, though they’ve never been here, and those who consciously connect through meditation and prayer whenever called to do so. I feel this as an organic process and observe it with a curiosity and wonder that keeps on growing!

(I’ve called a Gathering of the Heartroot Community for the Autumn Equinox this year – come join us!  http://heartroot.com/event/heartroot-community-gathering-for-the-autumn-equinox-rassemblement-de-la-communaute-de-heartroot-pour-lequinoxe-dautomne/ )

The other question that has been coming up is about this Ascension that is on so many lips. What does it mean, really? The Ascension Day of Mother Mary is celebrated on August 15, but my understanding is that the process she went through and the one facing us these days are not at all the same. 2000-odd years ago, Earth and the human bodies created of her were resonating at a much lower frequency. Since Schumann started measuring the frequency of the ionosphere in the 50’s, it held fast at 7.83 Hz…until January 31, 2017, when it jumped to over 36 Hz! (https://www.drjoedispenza.com/blog/consciousness/what-does-the-spike-in-the-schumann-resonance-mean/)

The image that comes to my mind it that of water sprinkled on a hot skillet – it goes pffffft and disappears. We now know that the water molecules absorb extra energy in the form of heat, and change state from liquid to gas. We are mostly made of water. I believe that as our vibrational frequency rises, we eventually become invisible to the limited spectrum of ‘ordinary’ sight. Our bodies now can hold much higher frequencies, and at the same time more and more of us are becoming capable of seeing into subtler realms of existence. We aren’t going Up to Heaven, we’re instead bringing Heaven to Earth, incarnate in the physical realms.

Ascension doesn’t look or feel much different than what we know of 3D reality, except that Consciousness pervades every moment. As our belief in limitations dissolves, synchronicities, magic and miracles become the warp and weft of our realities and we relearn the arts of manifestation – of incarnation. ( http://heartroot.com/school-for-reclaiming-the-arts-of-incarnation-lecole-pour-reclamer-les-arts-de-lincarnation/)

Many of us are there already, existing multidimensionally as we feed the cat, pay the bills and do the laundry!

Blessèd Be..!


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