How would you like your…words?

It’s been a while!

An image came to me the other day of words as raindrops, splashing against our awareness and rebounding, fragmented into the variety of associations, projections, sensory memories and whatever else they have stimulated.

I know many who distrust words, as they can be interpreted in so many ways. But such is Life, no? Any experience, object, colour, sound – anything that passes through our consciousness will be interpreted based on our programming, our history, our chemical-hormonal state at the moment of perception….

Telepathic impressions and channelled messages are filtered through the consciousness of the receiver. One of the prayers we learn when asking to receive guidance is that we become as a hollow bone, with no residue to tint the message as it comes through.

Outside of the contexts of politics, proscenium or pulpit, most of us don’t allow ourselves to wax poetic or imaginative in our spoken exchanges. “That’ll be $11.95, please” may be adorned with a smile or an exchange about the weather, but even when we’re engaging with random strangers over food, pets, directions or whatever else we do for the simple pleasure of human connection, we will rarely slip into simile or metaphor while we’re at it. We save the fanciful for the written word, lest we be thought weird…crazy…off our meds….

These are the thoughts squirrelling around my brain as I prepare to tape another episode of my very new podcast series. At some point I realised that the group visualisations and meditations that I’ve been doing  for decades resemble improvised performance pieces – a mix of politics, proscenium and pulpit 😉

My discipline is to empty myself, becoming a hollow bone, and allow whatever arises from the energy of the group to be expressed. Every time I’ve done them, at least one person comes to whisper thanks to me afterwards for speaking directly to her life situation. I’ve had reflected to me that most participants feel this way.

My understanding is that anyone who is drawn to these meditations is called to hear whatever it is that they hear me saying – which is not always what I’ve actually said or meant people to receive! My words splash against their consciousnesses like those raindrops….

The advantage of having people hear my voice rather than read the same words is of course the vibration – the frequency – that can be absorbed directly into the body, bypassing the mind and its barricades. The thought of having one’s mind detoured might freak out those who believe they need the switchblades of their judgement forever dark alley primed. We’ve learned it can be scary to consciously allow someone else’s energy to enter our bodies in any way… I am honoured and grateful that so many have trusted me, sometimes despite themselves, and joined our Heartroot circles.

It feels to me that the new podcast (entitled “I’m Not Crazy and Neither Are You: Multidimensionality = the New Normal”} is an audio blog where the spontaneous poetry/performance/heart-connection of the meditation circles can be shared with anyone, anywhere, through the magic of technology (and dear Ramiro, who knows how to wield it!)

While I’ve been recording the first few segments, I’ve had the loveliest sensation of having each person who will ever listen to them sitting right beside me as I speak just to her or him. I can see and feel a web of heart connection being woven each time and for this I am deeply, deeply grateful. This is how I feel I can best Serve right now, both for myself and for All Our Relations. At the same time, people who subscribe are supporting the continued physical existence of Heartroot, for which I am also so very thankful!

Here is what Ramiro has written about subscribing to the podcast:


I am helping Dawn with the technical side of the podcast. This is a weekly “paid-content” podcast with Dawn’s teachings, and we are using Podbean to host and handle subscriptions.  

Dawn will also offer some free material, but for the most part the weekly material will only be available to Subscribers, not Followers. To subscribe go to the podcast website and click on “Subscribe to Premium Content” under one of the episodes. On the right sidebar there is an option to subscribe as well.

 You can also download the app on your phone and subscribe from there. This will involve having a Podbean account (can be done using your Gmail, Facebook account or regular email) and paying $10CAD per month.  Once you do that, all the weekly premium content in French and English* will be available to you.  Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime. 

  • If you download the Podbean app on your phone and you have subscribed or follow Dawn’s podcast, the episodes will automatically be there.  To see it go to the Podbean App’s second tab, where all your followed podcasts, downloaded podcasts and podcast playlists can be found.  The premium content will only appear if you have subscribed to it, although the other free material will be available if you “Follow” Dawn’s podcast with your Podbean account.
  • The podcast will also be on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play, but they will only provide the free episodes – which Dawn will only occasionally offer.  To access the weekly segments you will need to 1. Subscribe to the Premium Content and 2. Download the App.
  • FYI about Podbean: To subscribe or follow Dawn’s podcast you need to have a Podbean account. This will include your own podcasting platform which you can ignore, or use to make your own podcasts – it’s free!

Please share this information with anyone you feel might benefit….

Many Blessings!


* If there is enough demand, I’ll do a version in Spanish as well…Just saying.. 😉






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