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La Chasse aux Sorcières…reprise

(Ce texte a été écrit en anglais il y a un mois. Il a été traduit et un peu changé.)  Aujourd’hui encore une autre de mes Sœurs du Cœur a été déclarée folle (“psychotique”), appréhendée contre sa volonté, droguée dans … Continue reading

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For Mariela, in preparation for Women’s Day…

Namasté… There are photographs you may have seen with a water droplet that has splashed and rippled a watery blue surface, while above all the movement another drop hovers in time, isolated and intact. The sweet, brilliant architect and inventor, … Continue reading

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Collateral Damage: the Culture of Christianity

Written in October, 2010, first titled: “Duality and Sexuality: The Law of the Jungle” (This text may have been written based on my experiences in Costa Rica and Quebec, but it pertains equally well to any cultural and religious context … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice Meditation…Méditation pour le Solstice d’hiver Blessings to All…Bénédictions à Tous…

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Reflections on the Winter Solstice

HEARTROOT                                                                    Approaching the Winter  Solstice Here we … Continue reading

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Walking the Talk

For those readers who have never studied with me, please be aware that this is a description of an internal process of spiritual self-analysis, based on the understanding that we call situations and people to ourselves in order to better … Continue reading

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This was first published in “The Heretic” magazine in November, 2012, and then again on this site at the end of 2013. Although the historical context was different, it is still pertinent – perhaps even more so than before. On … Continue reading

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Magic, Mystery and Perfection…

It may be time to remind ourselves that all Life is woven of shimmering threads of Magic, Mystery and Perfection. Those of us who are holding frequencies of wonder and gratitude are being buffeted by waves of serendipity, synchronicity… let’s … Continue reading

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La Magie, le Mystère et la Perfection….

(Mon français n’est pas parfait, mais je crois que vous allez me comprendre…) Il est peut-être temps de nous rappeler que la Vie est tissée de fils scintillants de Magie, de Mystère et de Perfection. Ceux d’entre nous qui retiennent … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of “Normal”, Take 2

Not by any means a novel concept, but one that has been even more deeply etched into my heart these past few months, is the extent to which our definition of  ‘sane’ and ‘normal’ is an effective means of social … Continue reading

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