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La FRANCE et l’ESPAGNE, 2019

Ma compréhension et mon expérience sont que lorsque nous vivons en communion plutôt que dans le déni de nos corps, nous pouvons accéder non seulement aux vastes domaines de l’information dans nos formes physiques, mais nous sommes aussi en contact … Continue reading

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Todo cambia….

Waxing half-moon                                                The end of August as the leaves begin to turn…  2017 It’s been quite the … Continue reading

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No one seemed angry. As a matter of fact, this group was particularly…Nice. With a capital “n”…. Smiling, polite, helpful, tidy….hmmmm. It was only the occasional twitch of a jaw muscle, or the tone of voice that wobbled a smidgen … Continue reading

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A Blessèd Solstice to All…. I have noticed that for the past 3 years, people arriving for the Summer Solstice celebrations at HeartRoot have been bone-tired – exhausted in a deep, structural way. The frayed and patched belief systems that … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation: The Torah of Oneness

  This is a course I will be giving this autumn in the West Island of Montreal: Lost  in Translation:    The Torah of Oneness We are becoming growingly aware that our written history is far from complete, far from accurate, … Continue reading

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