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À mes cohabitants de la région de Lac-Mégantic : La première fois que j’ai écrit sur ce que je voyais se passer ici, je l’ai fait en anglais, car je n’écris pas parfaitement en français. Je ne voulais pas m’ouvrir à … Continue reading

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The sun seemed to appear from nowhere this morning – almost at the mid-point between the hills that marks the autumn equinox. I was watching the steam rising from the hot-tub, wondering whether that pair of shoes beside it meant … Continue reading

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September @ Heartroot…Septembre @ Heartroot

(la version française suit…) Greetings! Wow…. So much has changed here at Heartroot this summer, on so many levels. Those of you who have not been here for a while will feel quite a shift when you next visit – … Continue reading

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Megantic, Inside Out: another perspective

I used to have to painstakingly describe where Heartroot is: “Oh, so it’s not north of Montreal – where is it then?  The Eastern Townships?  Past Sherbrooke?  Wow – that’s so far away!” Our “so-far-away” community has exploded across screens … Continue reading

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The Journey of the Nishiyuu: Ottawa, March 25, 2013

Many years ago, I found myself driving through the dark northern wilderness of Manitoba, following a call of Spirit to what turned out to be a 7th Fire Prophecy Ceremony for the Anishnabe, who were understandably surprised when I showed … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation: The Torah of Oneness

  This is a course I will be giving this autumn in the West Island of Montreal: Lost  in Translation:    The Torah of Oneness We are becoming growingly aware that our written history is far from complete, far from accurate, … Continue reading

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“Hey, Sweetie…c’mon Arthur”, I whispered as I walked toward him. I had known something was not right last night in the storm – the dogs across the road were distraught with barking through the rain and dark, but though I … Continue reading

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