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Through Megantic: The Road Home

I had meant to be at Heartroot for sunrise the other morning, but it took me 45 minutes to get off the island of Montreal. First the bridge was blocked, then one after another alternate route…. I was relieved when … Continue reading

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A Blessèd Solstice to All…. I have noticed that for the past 3 years, people arriving for the Summer Solstice celebrations at HeartRoot have been bone-tired – exhausted in a deep, structural way. The frayed and patched belief systems that … Continue reading

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WHERE THERE’S SMOKE… (English translation of ‘OU IL Y A DE LA BOUCANE…’)

(Translation of French text) To my friends and neighbours in the Lac- Megantic area: The first time I wrote about what I saw happening here I did so in English, because my French isn’t perfect. I didn’t want to open … Continue reading

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À mes cohabitants de la région de Lac-Mégantic : La première fois que j’ai écrit sur ce que je voyais se passer ici, je l’ai fait en anglais, car je n’écris pas parfaitement en français. Je ne voulais pas m’ouvrir à … Continue reading

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The sun seemed to appear from nowhere this morning – almost at the mid-point between the hills that marks the autumn equinox. I was watching the steam rising from the hot-tub, wondering whether that pair of shoes beside it meant … Continue reading

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September @ Heartroot…Septembre @ Heartroot

(la version française suit…) Greetings! Wow…. So much has changed here at Heartroot this summer, on so many levels. Those of you who have not been here for a while will feel quite a shift when you next visit – … Continue reading

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Megantic, Inside Out: another perspective

I used to have to painstakingly describe where Heartroot is: “Oh, so it’s not north of Montreal – where is it then?  The Eastern Townships?  Past Sherbrooke?  Wow – that’s so far away!” Our “so-far-away” community has exploded across screens … Continue reading

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