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Lost in Translation: The Torah of Oneness

  This is a course I will be giving this autumn in the West Island of Montreal: Lost  in Translation:    The Torah of Oneness We are becoming growingly aware that our written history is far from complete, far from accurate, … Continue reading

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The Magic of Malta

 Malta, for me, was a reconnection with the mystical and mythological…a whirlwind visit that I imagine I am still digesting ( While wandering around one of many temple sites, having made my offerings and said my prayers, I struck up … Continue reading

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“Hey, Sweetie…c’mon Arthur”, I whispered as I walked toward him. I had known something was not right last night in the storm – the dogs across the road were distraught with barking through the rain and dark, but though I … Continue reading

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Tales of the Mermaid

She was waiting for me as I drifted into the Dreamtime, a deep chuckle preceding her blue-green iridescence and a sense of sisterhood… “Of course you know me”, I heard, continuing an inner conversation of which my mind had been … Continue reading

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Return, again….

The night sweats that come with my age are one thing. Dripping perspiration while going through customs and having one’s bags searched, however, is a whole other kettle of fish.  My family and I are used to being `randomly` searched … Continue reading

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Guardians of the Land

The lame pheasant wobbles and hops his way through the pigeons and the rabbits as the dogs watch nonchalantly. I can see the horse field down the lane from where I sit, and send my thoughts especially to the white … Continue reading

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The Fractal’s Edge

This work that we’ve been doing, Catherine, Agnes, Selma and I, has been spinning around some very focused themes. In Rome, it centred mostly on our historical inheritance of violence and the complementary veneration of suffering. Churches, statues and piazzas at every … Continue reading

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Lux in Arcana

The birdsong was such a blessing, my last morning in Rome – trills of joy resounding in the crisp stillness of the convent courtyard, soothing the flayed edges of my Self and who knew how many others seeking refuge amidst … Continue reading

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I’m not sure when it started, but it feels as if it’s been every year of my conscious life that I’ve tried to have as much time as possible to be alone during Holy Week and Pesach…. Though at first … Continue reading

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Spring, 2011 in Europe: the ‘other’ version

Some of you have already received this text – my apologies for the duplication. This is its ‘official’ publication…. When I left Montreal for Europe in the spring of 2011, I had a vague impression of once again being called … Continue reading

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