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One more time…

I get it. You’re exhausted. Your life is chaotic-confusing-messy. You’re overwhelmed and at times flooded with despair. Even the teeniest thing extra added to your to-do list is too much to contemplate. But that’s the whole point of the Heartroot … Continue reading

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Une fois de plus…

Je comprends. Vous êtes épuisé. Votre vie est chaotique-confuse-désordonnée. Vous êtes dépassé et parfois submergé de désespoir. Même la chose la plus petite qui soit ajoutée à votre liste de choses à faire est trop difficile à envisager. Mais c’est … Continue reading

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Comment aimeriez-vous vos mots?

Ça fait longtemps! L’autre jour, une image m’est venue des mots comme des gouttes de pluie, éclaboussant notre conscience et rebondant, fragmentés dans la variété d’associations, de projections, de mémoires sensorielles et de toutes les autres choses qu’ils ont stimulé. … Continue reading

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A Week of Meditations…Une Semaine de Méditations…Una Semana de Meditaciones

I don’t mean to be a pest, but…! Some of you will have received an e-mail from me about this, but I’m told that these messages are often funneled into Spam folders, so here I am again 😉 Starting tomorrow … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse Meditation 20/01/19

I’ve taped this visualisation at Heartroot, in the midst of a major blizzard and on the eve of a full lunar eclipse, as a way to connect our Hearts and intentions through space-time….Those who know me won’t be surprised to … Continue reading

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Just Kids…?

On the drive to the Farm from Montreal yesterday afternoon, I listened to a CBC interview from five years ago (we’re in holiday rerun season) with great interest and something like relief. Eleanor Wachtel was talking to Patti Smith in … Continue reading

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Collateral Damage: the Culture of Christianity

Originally posted on Hither & Yon…:
Written in October, 2010, first titled: “Duality and Sexuality: The Law of the Jungle” (This text may have been written based on my experiences in Costa Rica and Quebec, but it pertains equally well…

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