“COMMUNITY” and “ASCENSION”: meaning and manifestation

In the clearclear skies over Heartroot, Mars twinkles, big, red and saucy, reminding us who’s been in charge these days. We’re getting the chance to experience everything that still irritates, niggles and infuriates, close-up and personal. Stuff that has been hibernating in our cells, unconsciously manipulating our reactions since childhood, is awakening and streeeeetching into awareness. The most miraculous configurations of people and events are woven to recreate and stimulate difficult memories – one’s we’ve tried SO hard to deny or forget.

Mars is joined by six of his sibs gone retrograde: Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Mercury all seem to be moving backward in the Heavens, so despite the heat, trying to manifest anything new feels like molasses in January.

Deadly high temperatures actually slow everything down but the wildfires – we’re glued to air conditioners, fans or anywhere wet or shady.

It’s summer, though, and we northern dwellers are busily celebrating it – something in us feels the cold weather already lurking around the corner. I counted five red convertibles in the Metro parking lot in Megantic the other day!

A couple of reflections have come out of teachings and meditations lately.

The first was about residual belief-feelings that we have about Community. The village unit, especially here in Canada and elsewhere where Wilderness is so very present, was created out of fear. We needed to live together in a clump to support and protect each other from Winter, wild animals, The English, The French, The Indians… all the things we were frightened of. When we maintain a position of protection over time, nastiness ensues. An image I have in my home is called The Protecting Circle: it is of male bison, in a circle with their pointy ends facing menacingly outward. Inside the circle, we surmise, are the elderly, the females and the young. It has always been evident to me that if the “protective circle” is held too long, the crap will all fall on those that are being “protected”… In a village, it’s the gossip, the back-stabbing, the knowing and judging of everybody else’s business that are infamously damaging, and the reason many fled for the anonymity and seeming freedom of the Big City.

We have an aching, though, for Community – we’re social critters. What happens if we no longer gather in fear of a common Enemy, but rather to celebrate a commonality of resonance and purpose?

At Heartroot, people often arrive expecting something like a village, and puzzle “So where’s the Community?” My first reaction is to draw their attention to the trees and animals and stones – the Community of Life, of All Our Relations, surrounds us! The human part of our Community is a flow of individuals and families in and out of the Land as they feel the need. There are many people around the planet who feel connected to Heartroot through their work with me, though they’ve never been here, and those who consciously connect through meditation and prayer whenever called to do so. I feel this as an organic process and observe it with a curiosity and wonder that keeps on growing!

(I’ve called a Gathering of the Heartroot Community for the Autumn Equinox this year – come join us!  http://heartroot.com/event/heartroot-community-gathering-for-the-autumn-equinox-rassemblement-de-la-communaute-de-heartroot-pour-lequinoxe-dautomne/ )

The other question that has been coming up is about this Ascension that is on so many lips. What does it mean, really? The Ascension Day of Mother Mary is celebrated on August 15, but my understanding is that the process she went through and the one facing us these days are not at all the same. 2000-odd years ago, Earth and the human bodies created of her were resonating at a much lower frequency. Since Schumann started measuring the frequency of the ionosphere in the 50’s, it held fast at 7.83 Hz…until January 31, 2017, when it jumped to over 36 Hz! (https://www.drjoedispenza.com/blog/consciousness/what-does-the-spike-in-the-schumann-resonance-mean/)

The image that comes to my mind it that of water sprinkled on a hot skillet – it goes pffffft and disappears. We now know that the water molecules absorb extra energy in the form of heat, and change state from liquid to gas. We are mostly made of water. I believe that as our vibrational frequency rises, we eventually become invisible to the limited spectrum of ‘ordinary’ sight. Our bodies now can hold much higher frequencies, and at the same time more and more of us are becoming capable of seeing into subtler realms of existence. We aren’t going Up to Heaven, we’re instead bringing Heaven to Earth, incarnate in the physical realms.

Ascension doesn’t look or feel much different than what we know of 3D reality, except that Consciousness pervades every moment. As our belief in limitations dissolves, synchronicities, magic and miracles become the warp and weft of our realities and we relearn the arts of manifestation – of incarnation. ( http://heartroot.com/school-for-reclaiming-the-arts-of-incarnation-lecole-pour-reclamer-les-arts-de-lincarnation/)

Many of us are there already, existing multidimensionally as we feed the cat, pay the bills and do the laundry!

Blessèd Be..!


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Whither Bodhisattva?

I’m in a particularly foul mood right now, and the wiser course might be to remove myself from all modes of self-expression until the dust settles. But that’s not gonna happen… I think I’ll blame it on Mars going retrograde.

The immediate thorn is that I just got off a call with (yet another) pompous white guy. This one was offended that I was not fawning sufficiently at his Transcendent Beingness, and suggested that I really ought to be doing what the 122 people before me (at around 100 British pounds for 30 minutes, although “most” had booked an entire hour!) had apparently done, and thank him profusely/abjectly for his clarity and insight and wonderfulness, then ask, mouth appropriately agape, “How DO you Do it?”

The problem is that I was not really that impressed with what I’d heard and read. A few phrases he used had caught my ear, as I have used them myself, and I figured this might be a sign that there was more for me to learn. Not from him, really, but from the entities that I thought would be present and active during the conversation.

After his snit about my obvious lack of gratitude for the honour of speaking to him (“I see no Transcendence here – where’s the Transcendence?”), he pulled two cards for me from his deck of oracle cards that he pitched me to purchase, described  what I could clearly see was pictured on the cards, regaled me at length about his contact with a variety of famous people, and then uttered a self-satisfied, condescending “So, how’s that?”. As if he had kissed my bobo all better.

When he asked me at the beginning of the call how I was, I answered honestly, saying I was bouncing between states of ecstasy and heightened discomfort. When I returned the question, he said he was in a constant state of “Joy, Joy, Joy!”. Nothing in his demeanor supported that statement.

In the 20/20 of hindsight, I should have been prepared for this experience. A year or so ago, I wrote to the (white, male) organiser of this particular spiritual forum, wondering whether he really could not find any spiritual teachers who didn’t look like they came straight from Fox News.OK, I was more polite than that, but that’s what I meant. His reply: If we are the ones evolving, should we not be the ones teaching?

You see the implications of that, right? If you’re a person of colour, you may actually feel your response to it in the pit of your stomach, as I did. I filed this under “Yet Again” in my mind, but have continued to regularly scan the on-going forum, just in case…which is how I came across this latest Piece of Work. I know…I’ve called this experience into my life to bring up the emotions I’m now feeling….

You may have guessed that I’ve had it with being fed the notion that illumination is yet another perk of white privilege.

But it’s more than that. What I’m chewing on now is the dissonance between two ways of perceiving and dealing with the chaos of our world. For many of my friends and peers, it is imperative to focus on Positivity, with the understanding that where we concentrate our attention will form our realities. The Wolf We Choose to Feed, and all that… Yes, there is war, poverty, injustice, etc. going on, but as Souls we have all chosen our realities, and this world is but a stage, after all.  This often feels to me like stuffing your fingers in your ears and loudly singing “LALALALALA” with a smile on your face. The thing is, the people I know who are of this mind-set are all “white”, and don’t live their lives in constant contact with violence, poverty, and injustice.

Does the security of white privilege, of knowing you are better than all the other-coloured people of the world in such a visceral way that you can claim to be “colour-blind” and believe it, really give white folk the leisure of illumination?

When I think of all the earnest white faces offering to sell us their Transcendent Wisdom through video, audio, print and vibes, what strikes me most is the emphasis on Spirit, singular or plural. Angels, Spirit Guides, the White Brotherhood, Galactic Command, Star Brethren from Sirius, Andromeda, the Pleiades and so on…. The Earth is where we have come to live a life of trial and eventual transcendence, all the while aching to leave and go back Home to wherever the Hence we came from.

I’m likely more open and familiar than the general population with multi-dimensionality and off-planet contact. It’s not something I even question any more. But there’s a denigration of the Earth implied in most of this Spirit-focus that feels aligned with the suppression of the People who have lived close to Her, and it bugs the bejeezus out of me. That most of the world’s land-centric Peoples are non-Caucasian is the proverbial icing ….

(I say “most” because I am very conflictually aware that in my own family, it is my mother’s Irish-Scottish side that remained more land-based, while my father’s family seamlessly melded their Hindu (Brahmin) caste consciousness with English colonial values.)

Civilization, refinement, elegance and sophistication are vaunted qualities that are defined in opposition to primitiveness, crudeness, simplicity and intellectual ignorance. And the cream, as they say and believe, will float to the top. These are values that separate…that divide. On the other hand, compassion, trust, communion and consensus  unite us in the Circle, each individual valued for her place in the web of Being.

Positivity (come Hell or high water) and Spirit-focus, in a variety of pastel shades, seem to ascend hand-in-hand. There are, of course, legions of dusky-hued converts to a variety of religions for whom God is masculine, and the Earth, women and our bodies are sinful obstacles to our (re)union with the Divine. African preachers and Sami herders are also obvious exceptions to this generalisation, but I’m still stewing over it.

There seems to be a strong and growing belief that Humanity has ruptured into those who are choosing to evolve into higher frequencies and dimensions of existence, and those choosing to remain in the suffering of duality-based 3-dimensional reality. I just read someone’s comment that this is a time of separating the chaff from the wheat. Prophecy Rock of the Hopi, the biblical Book of Revelations…even the prophecies of Nostradamus, are cited as confirmation of this. Separation. Division.

Has the Bodhisattva Vow really gone the way of the dodo – collateral damage of an evolutionary split? Remember, the decision many of us made to stay incarnate on this Earth until Everyone was able to ascend/transcend/access a Christic state? “None of us is free if one of us is chained”, and all that?

If we are indeed evolving out of duality, we must have more than just these two options.

Alright. When in doubt, make a list 😉

  1. I believe that all Manifestation arises from one Source energy, and that therefore we are all flames of one Fire
  2. I believe that Humans and All of Our Relations whose bodies are created of the flesh of Earth/Gaia are a part of her evolution through Duality and back to Oneness
  3. I believe that we Humans have the capacity to wield the sword of free choice, but that precious few of us are aware of the extent to which we refuse to do so, being caught up in prefab identities determined by our ancestors and societies.
  4. I see Earth clearing and shifting, her body transforming in sure and often violent fashion, with human societies, cultures, nations, communities, families, and individual lives and bodies as concentric circles of the same fractal reality, experiencing the same transformative energies.
  5. I know there are many secretive forces around the planet that are invested in a prophesied timeline of apocalypse that is no longer valid, having been overturned when enough of the planetary consciousness rejected it. This investment in planetary destruction has been strategic and transgenerational, requiring such an immense quantity of resources that it is proving difficult to just let go of the whole idea.
  6. I am aware of inhabiting an interstitial space between races, cultures, dimensions and realities. I am called to midwife what are not always gentle births from one state to another, but always elevating in frequency. The last initiation I received was accompanied by a name that is difficult to translate into any languages I speak: it holds the energy of opalescent crystalline rainbow light, woven with that of a warrior. I was charged, as must be many others, with representing and supporting the Rainbow Nation of evolving humanity.

I get it. My mind is in a state that I now recognise, where all points of reference have dissolved and chaos reigns. I have to remind myself that from this confusing, blesséd non-dual state, the New can arise.

My heart is fine. I feel part of the rhythm of the natural world, of the Medicine Wheel, and know that we in the northern hemisphere are in the Southern Portal now, dealing with our wounded solar/masculine energies. I can feel that we are in a time of sorting and sifting, and that Mars retrograde until the end of the month is helping us become aware of what still irks and irritates, so we can let go of what we’re ready and able to release.

Today is the New Moon, after all, and a partial solar eclipse, challenging us to balance WE and ME. Not to choose, but rather to balance, to weave, and reclaim our potential for Oneness

Blesséd Be….











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La FRANCE et l’ESPAGNE, 2019

Ma compréhension et mon expérience sont que lorsque nous vivons en communion plutôt que dans le déni de nos corps, nous pouvons accéder non seulement aux vastes domaines de l’information dans nos formes physiques, mais nous sommes aussi en contact direct avec la connaissance insondable accumulée dans les corps de la Terre et de Toutes Nos Relations.

Loin d’être des prisons charnues qui nous séparent du reste de l’Existence, nos corps sont des antennes délicates, ancrées dans la Terre et à l’écoute de la réalité dimensionnelle de notre choix.

Cette vérité est partagée avec tous les peuples “primitifs” autour de la planète qui n’ont jamais renoncé à leur unicité avec Gaia tout au long des millénaires. C’est le fondement d’une capacité de clairvoyance appelée psychométrie, popularisée par la police qui emploie des « voyants » pour « lire » des vêtements appartenant à des personnes disparues ou des énergies fortes imprimées dans des scènes de crime.

Ces habiletés étaient courantes anciennement – les nombreuses Sociétés de Médecine des Premières Nations de l’île de la Tortue ne sont entrées dans la clandestinité qu’après que leurs membres ont été jetés dans des asiles par des colonisateurs judéo-chrétiens fortement désireux de les guérir de leurs visions.

Nous avons tous des capacités « paranormales », mais la plupart d’entre nous ont été pris au piège de la Normalité institutionnalisée de l’Église, de l’École et de l’État – nos antennes vandalisées (abus systématiques et rituels, cisaillement des cheveux des aborigènes, déification de l’Écran dans tous ses formes) … nos ailes coupées.

Nous avons été enchaînés par la logique cartésienne, par la tyrannie de la Normalité, et surtout par la conviction que nous ne pouvons pas survivre séparément de notre Troupeau … notre Tribu. Même parmi les rangs gonflés des Bannis – les sans-abri, appauvris et démunis – il y a une culture d’homogénéité, de règles à suivre. Si nous n’obéissons pas aux règles de notre Tribu, nous sommes exilés. Sens cette réalité en toi pendant une minute. Penses à toutes les centaines de petites choses que tu fais tous les jours pour cacher qui tu es réellement – pour te rendre assimilé au travail, dans la famille, dans la rue.

Mais nous sommes si nombreux maintenant – une Armée de Lumière que j’ai observé croître tout au long de cette vie – priant, chantant, méditant, travaillant avec des cristaux et faisant des cérémonies et des rituels pour fortifier la grille énergétique naturelle de Gaïa. Nous sommes appelés à des endroits où des effusions de sang, de la peur et de la violence ont été imprimées dans la chair de la Terre et affectent encore les êtres vivants, pour aider au déblocage et à la libération. Beaucoup d’entre nous font le même genre de travail avec les individus. Nous utilisons nos capacités en expansion pour accéder à nos Histoires Réelles – les histoires de nos ancêtres, de nos vies antérieures et de la Terre qui nous ont été cachées.

J’appelle l’expérience de recevoir des informations sur l’histoire codée énergiquement dans la Terre « l’archéologie intuitive », et je ne tente pas d’expliquer ou de justifier les visions qui se présentent, encore moins de convaincre quiconque de les croire. Parfois, je partage mes expériences, parfois non.

Au cours des dernières années, j’ai reçu ce qui semblait être des informations aléatoires, à travers des canaux « normaux ». À un certain point, cependant, les bits ont commencé à se connecter comme des morceaux d’un puzzle – pour presque former une image. Les pièces individuelles impliquent des thèmes potentiellement disparates, comme les Templiers, les îles Orcades, la poésie espagnole médiévale, Colomb, les colonisateurs du Costa Rica, La Madeleine, Oak Island et le Trail of Tears (le Chemin des Larmes).

La première quinzaine d’avril prochain, je me rendrai dans les régions de France et d’Espagne qui bordent les Pyrénées pour relier les énergies dans des sites très spécifiques et voir si je peux compléter ce casse-tête alléchant. Récemment, j’ai décidé de demander à quelques personnes aussi folles que moi de m’accompagner.

Qu’est-ce que tu penses? Serais-tu intéressé? Je devrais avoir tous les détails rassemblés d’ici la fin de ce mois (juin 2018), mais si tu es censé venir, tu le sentiras probablement sans eux.

Bénédictions,                                                                                                                                  Dawn




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France and Spain, 2019

My understanding and experience is that when we live in communion with rather than in denial of our bodies, we can access not only the vast realms of information and reality within our physical forms, but we are also in direct contact with unfathomable knowledge and wisdom accumulated in the body of the Earth and of All Our Relations.

Far from being meaty prisons that separate us from the rest of Existence, our bodies are delicate antennae, anchored in the Earth and tuned to the dimensional reality of our choosing.

This truth is shared with all the “primitive” peoples around the planet who never renounced their oneness with Gaia throughout the millennia. It is the foundation of a clairvoyant capacity called psychometry, popularised by police who employ “psychics” to “read” items of clothing belonging to missing persons or the strong energies imprinted in crime scenes.

These abilities used to be common – the many Medicine Societies of the First Nations of Turtle Island went underground only after their members were thrown into insane asylums by Judeo-Christian colonisers hell-bent on curing them of their visions.

We all have “paranormal” abilities, but most of us have been trapped in the institutionalised Normalcy of Church, School and State – our antennae vandalised (systematic and ritual abuse, the shearing of aboriginal people’s hair, the deifying of The Screen in all its forms) … our wings clipped.

We have been shackled by Cartesian Logic, by the tyranny of Normal, and mostly, by the belief that we can not survive separate from our Herd… our Tribe. Even among the swelling ranks of the Outcast – the homeless, impoverished and disempowered – there is a culture of homogeneity, of rules to follow. If we don’t obey the rules of our Tribe, we’re out. Feel this reality inside yourself for a minute. Think of all the hundreds of little things you do every day to hide who you really are – to blend in at work, in the family, on the streets.

But there are legions of us now – an Army of Light that I have watched steadily grow throughout this lifetime – praying, singing, meditating, working with crystals and doing ceremony and ritual to fortify the natural energy grid of Gaia. We are called to places where bloodshed, fear and violence have been imprinted in the Earth and are still affecting the beings living there, to help with clearing and release. Many of us are doing the same kind of work with individuals. We are using our expanding capacities to access our Real Stories – the stories of our ancestors, our former lifetimes and of the Earth that have been hidden from us.

I call the experience of receiving information about the history encoded energetically in the Earth “intuitive archaeology” and make no attempt to explain or justify the visions that arise, much less to convince anyone to believe them. Sometimes I share my experiences, sometimes not.

Over the past several years, I’ve been receiving what first seemed like random bits of information, through ‘normal’ channels. At some point, though, the bits started connecting like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle – to almost form a picture. The individual pieces involve such potentially disparate themes as the Templars, the Orkney Islands, medieval Spanish poetry, Columbus, the colonisers of Costa Rica, Mary Magdalene, Oak Island and the Trail of Tears.

The first half of April next year, I will travel to the areas of France and Spain that border the Pyrenees to connect with the energies in very specific sites and see whether I can complete this tantalising puzzle. Recently, I decided to ask a few like-minded others to accompany me.

What do you think? Might you be interested? I should have all the details together by the end of this month (June, 2018), but if you’re meant to come, you’ll likely feel it without them.

Blessings,                                                                                                                                            Dawn






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Pourquoi la Viande? Pourquoi Maintenant?!

(Version française de “Why Meat? Why Now?!”)

Un autre végétarien invétéré m’a confié l’autre jour qu’elle a eu de si fortes envies de viande ces derniers temps qu’elle a fini par «céder». Pas chez McDo, par contre, elle s’est assurée que c’était biologique et locale. Et elle était déchirée entre d’être fière d’avoir écouté les besoins de son corps plutôt que de les nier, et de se sentir coupable d’avoir trahi les principes qui l’avaient amenée à prendre la décision de devenir végétarienne.
Mon corps a aussi demandé de la viande récemment et autres personnes m’ont exprimé le même sentiment. Ceci, et le fait que chaque deuxième personne à qui je parle semble essayer le régime Paléo, et sinon, elle mange sans gluten, m’a fait me demander ….
J’ai souvent cité le travail de PMH Atwater dont les recherches sur le gène Chasseur ont attiré mon attention il y a de nombreuses années. (En aparté, je l’ai rencontrée à l’une des conférences annuelles de l’IIIHS à Montréal – maintenant dans sa 43e année de réunir des professeurs et des chercheurs extraordinaires dans des domaines qui unissent la science et la spiritualité et l’un des événements les moins connus de la ville! http://www.iiihs.org/Conference2018_1.html)
Déjà en 1995, Thom Hartmann, psychothérapeute devenu animateur de radio, a suggéré que le TDA était un retour génétique à notre passé de chasseur-cueilleur. Le gène Chasseur invoque une extrême vigilance vis-à-vis son environnement – un avantage évolutif dans des circonstances dangereuses et imprévisibles, mais un handicap pour l’adaptation aux méthodes actuelles de scolarisation. Plus tard, il l’a rebaptisé le gene Edison (pour Thomas Edison) et a formulé des façons de mieux parenter et éduquer les enfants manifestant ses caractéristiques, croyant que leurs processus de pensée créatifs non-linéaires sont une clé majeure pour résoudre nos graves problèmes mondiaux.
Quand PMH Atwater a découvert que le gène Chasseur est apparu juste avant la dernière période glaciaire, elle a postulé que l’augmentation abrupte de ADD chez les enfants pourrait être un signe que l’homo sapiens est en train de devenir génétiquement préparé pour un autre cataclysme mondial.

L’idée qu’il y ait des ajustements dans nos corps nous aidant à nous adapter aux circonstances environnementales ne signifie pas nécessairement que nous sommes «pris en charge» par une force extérieure bienveillante. Les herboristes traditionnels examinent les plantes qui poussent en été pour prédire quelles maladies seront les plus fréquentes chez les humains et les autres créatures qui font partie du même environnement. Les conditions physiques sont présentes dans notre corps bien avant que la plupart d’entre nous soient conscients des symptômes qui nous alertent qu’un changement s’est produit. Nos corps humains ne sont pas séparés, mais plutôt des particules ou des cellules du corps planétaire, et sur la même trajectoire évolutive. Que le corps humain change avec les changements si évidents sur la planète ne devrait pas être si effrayant.

Ce qui m’est venu en méditant, c’est que les céréales ont été consommées une fois que nous sommes devenus agraires – lorsque nous nous sommes installés, nous avons commencé à créer des identités culturelles que nous voulions préserver, et avons commencé à avoir beaucoup d’enfants pour concrétiser cet élan. Nous sommes devenus sédentaires et ordonnés et stables. Des règles et des lois ont été adoptées pour contrôler ceux qui ont agi – ou même pensé – autrement … Nous voyons un énorme recul contre la contrainte des mœurs conservatrices et une fermeture des rangs sur le droit de protéger “la façon dont les choses ont toujours été “. Il me semble logique qu’il y ait aussi des changements physiques reflétant nos réalités changeantes.

Je pense que nous devons avoir une mémoire génétique de la façon dont nos ancêtres ont survécu la dernière fois que Gaia a fait le ménage. Est-ce que beaucoup d’entre nous réagissent négativement à la consommation de céréales non seulement à cause de l’ingérence de Monsanto, mais aussi pour nous forcer à nous mettre debout et à faire face à ce qui arrive globalement? Alors que certains développent des perceptions plus aiguës de leur environnement, d’autres d’entre nous connaissent-ils des souvenirs ancestraux de viande cuite sur des feux communautaires?
Si les produits céréaliers transforment notre corps en chaudrons mijotant toute sorte de maladies, les personnes qui renoncent aux céréales pour des protéines, principalement d’origine animale, décrivent des niveaux d’énergie plus élevés et des physiques plus «maigres et méchants» (“lean and mean”).
Il y a beaucoup de culpabilité associée à la consommation de viande ces jours-ci. Les animaux élevés en usine sont l’un des signes les plus flagrants de notre descente dans la capacité de cruauté qui découle de la croyance que nous sommes séparés et supérieur des autres formes de vie. Les camps de concentration pour les poulets, les porcs, les bébés vaches, les bébés moutons et tous ceux que nous trouvons délicieux sont non seulement des fléaux pour notre conscience collective, mais aussi des sources majeures d’épuisement des ressources et de production de CO2.
Les mèmes Facebook émerveillés par l’intelligence des chiens, des chats, des éléphants ou de tout autre, me semblent imiter l’incrédulité des Blancs «civilisés» rencontrant des «signes d’intelligence» chez les peuples aborigènes du monde entier.
Donc, je ne préconise pas du tout que nous devenions tous carnivores. J’ai essayé une variété de solutions à ce désir / mémoire. Les noix salées ont tendance à être mon palliatif par défaut, mais je trouve que l’ajout d’une saveur fumée à n’importe quoi aide aussi! Quand je mange de la viande, je me connecte avec la vie de la créature dont je consomme le corps et je promets d’utiliser cette énergie au service du Cercle de l’Etre.
Nous nous débrouillons tous à travers ces temps de transition chaotiques et confus du mieux que nous pouvons – essayons d’être aussi conscients comme nous le pouvons à travers tout cela ….
Béni soit-on!

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Why Meat? Why Now?!

Yet another inveterate vegetarian confided to me the other day that she has been having such strong cravings for meat lately that she ended up ‘giving in’. Not at McDo’s, mind you –  she made sure it was organic and local. And she was torn between being proud that she had listened to the needs of her body rather than denying them and feeling guilty for betraying the principles which had brought her to the original decision to become vegetarian.

My body as well has been asking for meat lately and I’ve heard this from others as well.  This, and the fact that every second person to whom I speak seems to be trying the Paleo diet, and if not, they’re going gluten-free, made me wonder….

I’ve often quoted the work of PMH Atwater whose research on the Hunter Gene caught my attention many years ago. (As an aside, I met her at one of the annual IIIHS conferences in Montreal – now in its 43rd year of bringing together amazing teachers and researchers in fields that unite science and spirituality, and one of the least-known events in the city! http://www.iiihs.org/Conference2018_1.html )

As early as 1995, psychotherapist-turned-radio-host Thom Hartmann suggested that the gene that is activated in people with ADD is genetic throwback to our Hunter-gatherer past. The Hunter Gene invokes extreme alertness to one’s environment – an evolutionary advantage in dangerous and unpredictable circumstances, but a handicap in adapting to present-day schooling methods. Later, Hartmann rebranded it the Edison Gene (for Thomas Edison) and formulated ways to best parent and school the children manifesting its characteristics, believing their creative non-linear thought processes to be a major key to resolving serious global issues (https://www.thomhartmann.com/blog/2007/11/edison-gene).

When PMH Atwater discovered that the Hunter Gene appeared in humans just before the last Ice Age, she postulated that the precipitous increase in ADD in children might be a sign that homo sapiens is being genetically prepared for another global cataclysm.

The idea of there being adjustments in our bodies helping us to adapt to environmental circumstances does not necessarily mean that we are being “taken care of” by a benevolent external force. Traditional herbalists look at what plants are growing in the summer to predict what ailments will be most prevalent in the humans and other creatures who are a part of the same environment. Physical conditions are present in our bodies long before most of us are aware of the symptoms that alert us to a change having occurred. Our human bodies are not separate from, but rather particles or cells of the planetary body, and on the same evolutionary trajectory.  That the human body is changing along with the changes so evident on the planet should not be startling.

What came to me in meditation is that grains were consumed once we became agrarian – when we settled down, started creating cultural identities that we wanted to preserve, and began having lots of children to make it so. We became sedentary and ordered and stable. Rules and laws were made to rein in anyone who acted – or even thought – otherwise… We’re seeing a huge push-back against the constraint of conservative mores and a closing of the ranks on the Right to protect “the way things have always been”. It makes sense to me that there would be physical changes as well reflecting our transforming realities.

I think we must have a genetic memory of how our ancestors survived the last time Gaia went through a house-cleaning. Are so many of us reacting negatively to grain consumption not only because of Monsanto’s meddling, but also because we are being prepared to get up off our fannies and Deal with whatever is coming our way?  While some are developing more acute perceptions of their environments, are others of us experiencing ancestral memories of meat cooking over communal fires?

If grain products are turning our bodies into exhausted, inflamed hothouses of all manner of disease, people who are foregoing cereals for proteins, mostly animal-sourced, describe higher energy levels and leaner, ‘meaner’ physiques.

There is a lot of guilt associated with meat-eating these days. Factory-bred animals are one of the most flagrant signs of our descent into the capacity for cruelty that stems from believing we are separate and above all other life-forms. Concentration camps for chickens, pigs, baby cows, baby sheep and everyone else that we find tasty are not only blights on our collective conscience, but also major sources of resource depletion and CO2 production.

Facebook memes marvelling at the intelligence of dogs, cats, elephants or whoever else, seem to me to emulate the incredulity of  ‘civilised’ whites encountering  ‘signs of intelligence’  in aboriginal peoples around the world.

So I’m not advocating that we all turn carnivorous, by any means. I’ve tried a variety of solutions to this desire/memory. Salty nuts tend to be my go-to palliative, but I find that adding a smoky flavour to just about anything also helps! When I do eat meat, I connect with the life of the creature whose body I’m consuming and promise to use that energy in service of the Circle of Being.

We’re all muddling through these confusing, chaotic Times of Transition as best we can – let’s try to be as conscious – as Woke – as we are able, through it all….

Blessèd Be!





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Witch-hunts, revisited…

 (This text was first written and published about a month ago. It has been slightly changed)

Today yet another of my Heart Sisters was declared mad (“psychotic”), apprehended against her will, drugged into a zombie state of compliance (“She’s much calmer now”) and incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital for an undetermined period. She is the fifth of my close acquaintances to be subjected to this kind of experience.

 More and more of us are waking up to expanded awareness and what were once considered extra-sensory capabilities. As we peel off the shrink-wrap that has kept us small – tightly-swaddled infants, secure in our imprisonment – we open to other-dimensionality and all that this implies.

Courses in Shamanism, Trance-Mediumship, Working with your Totem Spirits, Talking to your Guardian Angel, Connecting to the Angelic Realms, etc, etc. have proliferated exponentially over the past decade, seeds sown in the fertile ground of a collective consciousness finally ready to breach the illusion of separation between Spirit and Matter. All the Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, et al who attend their houses of worship and enter into prayerful connection with the Other Realms are lauded for so doing. They are considered good, moral people.

So how can it still be justified to violate a person’s free will and impose on her a materialistic, what-I-can-touch-is-what-is-Real definition of “Normalcy”? 

It is when our deviation from the norm disturbs the Clan – when it attracts too much attention and becomes a source of embarrassment to the social standing of The Family – that we find ourselves in peril. We are led by a kind of social mafioso, with a duty to bow to the Rules or suffer the consequences of exile or death.
But who among us does not hear that Little Voice – or maybe even many of them! We are having to learn to discern between all the voices that have been recorded inside us (that of Mom, Dad, Church, School Teacher, etc.) and the voice of our own sovereign Truth.

There, but for the grace of the Multiverse, go I – when I went through my most intense spiritual openings, it was in the 70s and I was living on the edge of Chinatown in San Francisco, separated from anyone who might have been frightened for me and easily melding in with the thousands of others experiencing alternate realities for a variety of reasons.

Today, I am infinitely grateful for having had the freedom to walk my own circuitous path to my Self. I am incensed and deeply wounded for my Relations who do not.

The members of our Heartroot community have often heard me say that we’re a flock of black sheep, each of us accustomed to an identity of The One Who’s Different, who sticks out … who disturbs. We have often comforted ourselves with the certainty of being Special.
If Heartroot is a place of refuge, it is not necessarily just to escape the deep solitude of The City and find commune in Nature. Here, people tell me that the greatest relief is to feel safe and free enough to really share what they’re thinking. We may talk a lot about the weather 😉 but there is also, in the silence of the forest and the starry darkness of the night, the space to express all that we have in our hearts without feeling weird and different.
  Perhaps this feeling of acceptance could help you better navigate the life you have been bequeathed – the fortress you have continued to build. Maybe it could even inspire you to find the keys to open the door and leave in peace, free and sovereign ….



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