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Heeding the Call…

I have had no idea why I was called here -I just knew I was to be on the island of Iona tomorrow for the Autumn Equinox. It still barely feels real, but I have felt the energies rising for a … Continue reading

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The sun seemed to appear from nowhere this morning – almost at the mid-point between the hills that marks the autumn equinox. I was watching the steam rising from the hot-tub, wondering whether that pair of shoes beside it meant … Continue reading

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As we make our way toward the autumn equinox this year, I am aware of great numbers of people with questions of “Home” looming large in their lives.. .So many are moving, thinking about moving, or travelling from place to … Continue reading

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The Healed Masculine and the Calling of the Bride

The Black Madonna can be found in image and effigy throughout the planet; candles are lit, prayers incanted and offerings proffered in her honour. Cathedrals, chapels, wayside shrines, grassy hillocks and cloistered groves are named for her in every corner … Continue reading

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