One more time…

I get it. You’re exhausted. Your life is chaotic-confusing-messy. You’re overwhelmed and at times flooded with despair. Even the teeniest thing extra added to your to-do list is too much to contemplate. But that’s the whole point of the Heartroot podcast!

It’s to support you through this discumbobulation, to anchor you in your highest truth as part of a heart-centred community network that through its very existence supports the regaining of balance on our planet!

It’s not a lot of time (20 – 30 minutes usually per week, at your convenience) and not a big energy exchange ($10 per month) and there are no other responsibilities to the group. You can ask questions if you like, but you can also just use the episodes as a source of spiritual alignment for the week ahead…

You just have to sign up for a Podbean account at, and then subscribe by going to ‘I’m not Crazy and Neither are You’ in the Podbean directory and click on a ‘Premium Content’ button. The amount may show in US$ ($7.99 -ish) rather than Cdn$10: same-same!

You can also cancel at any time…

If this doesn’t speak to you in the slightest, perhaps you know someone who could use some support about now – please don’t hesitate to share!

Blessings and Gratitude,





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