No one’s broken…

Just when I was wondering whether I was ever going to write another blog, a situation arose that has me once again well and properly … provoked. 😉

With the planet as it is, and so many people involved in their healing journeys, and 20% of the population now teaching Yoga, Shamanism or some other Healing Modality (I made that number up, but I’ll bet I’m not far off), it isn’t surprising, the number of baby healers running around, intent on Saving Everybody.

A newly-hatched Shaman, flexing her still-wet wings, recently expressed a sort of disdain and pity for my belief that we are each sovereign souls with the right to choose exactly how miserable, spiteful, jovial or ill we wish to be. I certainly understand how hard to hear this must be for someone just starting her Crusade.

I get that when you’ve just learned The Absolute Best and Fastest Way to get people healed quick, freed of their traumas and programmed beliefs, that you want to spread it around and make sure Everybody gets on the bandwagon. My first ex-husband accused me of the same misplaced effervescence several decades ago. Actually, he rightly called it arrogance.

I’ve been doing this work since way before there was a healer on every street corner, when the best way that people knew to describe me was “Witch” (usually used affectionately). And yes, there are legions like me, who helped open doors in the human collective consciousness, through the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, the seeding of a new planetary reality in 2012, to the appearance of tender new seedlings from now-strong grass-roots around the world.

I’m remembering now that when I was very young (4-ish) and having visions of being dressed differently and teaching to large groups of people, that I would sometimes touch people and expect them to be healed. When it didn’t work, what I received as a message from the guide that I later knew as Quan Yin, was that it is no longer time for healing to come from outside of us. My work and path was to be to help others to recognise their own agency – their own sovereign selves – and their unlimited self-healing capacities.

I started studying early, from books, travels, peers and elders, but I was also guided into what people now call deep listening, but maybe is more a refusal to ignore the information that kept coming up from within. It wasn’t at all a sensation of something external teaching me, as I had been shown what that was like. I kept being drawn to one subject matter after another that I already seemed to have a grasp of. Sometimes there would be a series of people coming to see me over a period of months with similar themes, so more and deeper layers of understanding could be unfolded. Our bodies are like those traveling libraries we hear about, whereas the Earth is our Main Library, holding the knowledge and wisdom of every Being who has been incarnate in the body of the planet as well as the entire story of this Earth. Add to this the wisdom of Spirit… We really do have access to omniscience!

Despite this still-wobbly awareness, for the first course I taught in Self Health Care in Montreal 40 years ago I prepared a huge and detailed workbook of techniques and correlations drawn from macrobiotics, shiatsu, herbal medicine and my budding understanding of the depths of the 5 elements of oriental medicine. It took me a long time to shift paradigms, but gradually, having spoken with and touched the bodies of thousands of people, I began to experience the intricate perfection of each individual. The Medicine Wheel and Five Element teachings together became tools for understanding the emotional logic of any physical symptom. The ancestral lives-bodies-beliefs that create each person started to become obvious – to tell me their stories through their living descendant.

Each life and body is a sparkling gem – Light and Earth woven together, condensed and shaped through generations of stories until we arrive at this juncture in individual and planetary evolution. It has become so clear that each of us is also a fractal of transforming Humanity and the evolving Earth.

No one is broken. No one needs to be fixed. When we approach people with the mindset that they need to be healed, we enter a power dynamic that robs them of their beauty and perfection, of their Sovereignty. We reinforce what they have learned about never being good enough to be loved for Who They Are.

Time has passed, and I’ve called enough curve-balls into my life to have (finally) developed a certain fluidity – I can mostly float in the currents and tsunamis carrying me around the Circle of Life. With this has come a very different perspective on our individual healing paths.

I have difficulty tolerating the pablum psychology of “I have to love myself first before I can love anyone else” – it is always either despite or including “imperfections”. What if they aren’t imperfections, but rather just different ways that Light is reflected in Matter?

When we understand that we ARE Love, we ARE Oneness and Light and Eternity, we can see anything that is NOT Love as simply what we have learned, accumulated in our physical forms through generations of ancestors who were hell-bent on Survival. And survival is based in fear, separation and duality consciousness. For many, the survival identity is too strong and embedded and secure to support any desire to move out of it.

We have no right to judge the lives of others or try to change them. I believe that when we become aware of the higher frequencies of our Selves, when we connect and resonate with the Higher Heart of Humanity and the planet, we do have the responsibility to observe whatever we are calling into our lives, to understand and even feel gratitude for the genesis of it all, and then consciously choose whether we are able and willing to release what no longer resonates with the identity we choose to manifest at the moment.

My personal intention and spiritual discipline is to perceive, witness and release whatever still sticks to me that is not in resonance with the highest possible frequencies I’m able to access and incarnate, for the greatest good. When stuff arises that I need to chew on, I allow myself exactly that, with the knowing that if it’s present, it’s in perfect timing – for me, for my family, for Humanity and for the Earth.

More importantly, I and every other Being incarnate in the flesh of our Mother Earth have the absolute sovereign right to our own choices. Your spouse, your parents, your boss, our leaders…everyone now has the capacity for unlimited potentials and more and more of us are awakening to them. But each of us must walk her chosen path.

And we are all walking together…


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  1. Catherine Gaze says:

    EXELLENT                  ThankYou Dawn

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