These are excerpts from the article “ Passing through Apocalypse: One person’s voyage through the End Times” to be published in Mindscape Magazine‘s first Bookazine, “2012“. Ask for it in December at major booksellers….

I ask you, what occurs in any living system when it receives extra energy to work with? The first thing that happens is housecleaning – toxins that there has not been the energetic requirement for eliminating will come out of hiding and rise to the surface for releasing. It seems to me that this accurately describes what has been transpiring on our planet over the past while – toxins from every layer of reality on the Earth have come to light and, I believe, are being released.

The next thing that happens is growth…

This is the understanding that has been presented to me: we humans have arrived at a time in our evolution when, finally assuming our identities as Light and Consciousness, we can help anchor a new planetary reality. The legends of the world tell us that Creator Beings hid the destiny of humanity where no one would look – as a seed… an ember… in the belly of each human being. We have been Fire Carriers, holding the potential of our future flame carefully wrapped, surrounded by ashes and memories of those of our lineages who tried to fan their own flames before it was Time. In other ancient, antediluvian civilisations, we evolved individually and unequally – now, it is time for the uplifting of us all. The Bodhisattva Vow, to seek enlightenment not only for oneself, but rather for all sentient beings, is the path we are now undertaking…as One Earth Family.

When we realise our interconnection with all Life – with All Our Relations – this awareness transforms the nascent seed in our bellies and it is as if roots begin to reach down into the planet. Nourished by the consciousness of Oneness with Gaia, we are able to grow and stretch out deep into the Cosmos and through to other dimensions of existence….


At times, I feel absolutely exhausted for no apparent reason; my understanding is that many others are experiencing the same thing. I have been feeling for several years now that the human being is being rewired – our nervous, chakra and endocrine systems have been gradually cranked up so that we are now able to hold much higher frequencies than ever before. There is an incredible transformation occurring in the human body – one that requires a lot of energy.

We may find it a source of concern that we seem to be doing nothing to explain this physical exhaustion, but in fact we are undergoing the equivalent of major surgery. A person from 2000 years ago whose body was subjected to our present level of vibration would go “pfsssst”, like a drop of water in a hot frying pan….or like, well…Elijah…!

Many have been complaining to me recently that their sleep patterns are off kilter – that they just aren’t sleeping anymore for some reason and they don’t understand how they are able to function at all. We know that consciousness never sleeps – it is the physical body that requires the “down time” of the resting state in order for general housecleaning to get done. What seems to be happening now is that we are becoming more identified with Consciousness, so that the body lies down and sleeps, but we are not aware of sleeping; someone watching would say we were asleep, but we could swear that we are awake. This is almost the same as conscious astral travelling, except that most of us are still not cognizant of the fact that our physical selves are actually asleep. It also explains the research indicating that people who consider themselves insomniacs really sleep much more than they think they do.

I experienced a similar sort of confusion sometimes when I was young: I would get up in the night and go to the washroom, I’d sit down on the toilet and begin to pee, and then the sensation would wake up my physical body – that was still lying in bed… on wet sheets….


The truth that I hold in the core of my being and that has informed the unfolding of at least this lifetime is that Gaia is evolving and our bodies are created of her – are a part of her. The human being is the intricate dance between two histories – that of the genetic interweaving of the body’s tapestry and the other equally complicated story of the Soul. So far, the two partners in the dance have been mostly struggling over who will lead – when they learn to become as one, grace and beauty infuse and transform our lives: “The sky and its stars make music in you”.

When we begin to bring our life force out of our heads and back into our bodies, finally reappropriating the energy in our bellies, we are able to put down our roots into the Earth. With our minds open, we are capable of accessing realms of Being hitherto hidden to us. Our hearts, joining our minds and bellies and receiving the newly-unfettered energies of both, become so full with Life that they have to open in gratitude: we are transformed energetically into rivers of Life.

Imagine the human being as a tree….With the solid foundation of our feet consciously on the Earth, with deep roots connected to an intricate web of Oneness with those of All of Our Relations, we are able to stretch our awareness out like branches, capturing information from other-dimensional realities as leaves absorb the Sun and in turn feed the tree. Nourished in this way by the Earth and by the Cosmos, our human hearts become an alchemical chalice where the polarities of existence are united and become one. Gaia (the divine mother), and the Galactic Centre, “the Sun behind the Sun” (the divine father) meld to birth the divine child of Love and Oneness.


As conscious extensions of the planet, we become like lightning rods or, placed in specific spots on the earth, like acupuncture needles, helping Gaia to more easily and efficiently assimilate the elevated pulses of energy in which we are now bathed. At the same time, our bodies have greater and greater capacities for higher frequencies of energy. Ungrounded, some of us are just burning up. So many have expressed to me the fear of being pushed over the edge into madness – everywhere we see evidence of just this occurring. Never has our connection to the Earth and our bodies been more vital to our survival – and that of this blue-green jewel that we inhabit and call Home. As each cell of our physical bodies vibrates with higher frequencies, we are becoming less densely material – we are literally becoming more Light – and so is Gaia. This, to my understanding, is the much-vaunted Ascension.


I watch with astonishment as old beliefs still float out of my mouth, then rejoice in their leave-taking…. I lose count trying to tally the myriad miracles, big and small, that have brought me to this place and time…..I can feel the planet being bombarded with energy and do my best to stay aware of it passing through me and into the body of Gaia. I attempt to stay present to the opportunities that Life brings to remain clear and grounded in the truths of my Essence.

I remember that this world is made of Light and that I have the ability and therefore the responsibility to carry this truth into the World now…. I reach out with my awareness to touch all of you who are reading these words in your own times and realities, and ask that you, too, allow yourselves to Shine….


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  1. Marianne Bouchard says:

    Thank You Dawn for this amazing thinktank cell!

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