Summer Solstice Meditation Themes….June 22 – 24, 2012

It came to me during our meditation this morning that I needed to write the essence – the theme, perhaps – of each meditation that we do, so that others elsewhere can follow the process with us here at Heartroot. I will attempt to post as we go…this is the first time I am doing this, and I am not sure I will remember all that comes out of my mouth in the state I get into, but I imagine that if I am being directed to do this that it will work out….!

Friday evening, June 22:  Feel the Land as it welcomes you, supporting and teaching you…

Return again, return again, return to the home of your soul…

People tend to think of “heaven” or other dimensions of existence as the Home of the Soul, but our work here is to make our bodies our home – to joyfully incarnate in each particle of our bodies, rejecting nothing, and so creating the marriage of Spirit and Matter that is ascension.

Saturday, June 5:30 am:  We have kept the embers of the divinity of humanity in our bellies, safeguarded through the generations. As bit by bit we dare to descend our awareness, our breath, into our bellies, we touch all that we have hidden there – the shame, the belief that we will never be loved, the belief that we are separate – and release it. Our consciousness acts to transform the ember to a flame that burns away all that no longer serves us, and illuminates the way to a new future for the planet and for humanity.

Be aware of your breath, of life, entering your body and moving you. It flows into your belly and turns the ember there into a fire that spreads to the rest of your body and being. You feel your whole being filled with a warm golden light, and you feel yourself shine. You become aware that you have become like the beacons on hilltops, that others see your light and this reminds them that it is Time for them to awaken their flame as well. You see a web of lights extend around the planet, enveloping and embracing her, at the same time a part of her. You allow your belly, heart and mind to open and fill with gratitude for the honour of being here now. You feel yourself a part of the being that is Gaia, and allow yourself to feel the honour and joy of being part of this process of her ascension.

Return again, return again, return to the home of the soul…”  Many people in the spiritual community say that when a person dies, they “go home”. Others fix their minds on the Pleiades, or Arcturus or Sirius or whatever other stellar entity they feel that they originally came from as being their true homes, for which they feel homesick…But we came here so long ago. It is true that we are immigrants here, but how long  – how many generations and lifetimes  does it take, before we make this our home ? We have most of us been here so very long – we have put down our roots, and hold passports for the Earth!

Some of us may have come here expecting this to be a temporary mission, as many travellers leave home knowing they will return, but many of us have also come to love this planet deeply, and are now willing and able to assume the honour and responsibilities of citizens. Our love for Gaia is allowing her to transform – is helping her ascension. “Peace be in this house…, Joy be in this house…, Love be in this house…”

Invoking the energy of fire and the Sun.  Invoking the energies of the masculine principle. Invoking the fire that shines into all the places of darkness on the planet and within ourselves, so that all may be seen,  burning away what no longer serves us to clear the way for a new earth, a new humanity. “Om Namah Shiva”.


People go to walk on the Land…..

This afternoon is heavy with energies that feel large and looming. It feels as if something very very important is happening planetarily. There is immense resistance – an image of an old paradigm that is holding on, kicking and struggling – or as Monique says , like pulling a molar with many roots, and the last one is curled and twisted  and a struggle to remove. I connect with friends around the globe who are all feeling the same thing….The summer solstice is the time of maximum masculine energy – the Sun at its strongest. During the eclipse of May 20/21 and then the Venus Transit of June 6, major changes occurred in the quality of balance between masculine and feminine energies; the dominant male paradigm crumbled in May, and the energy of harmonious balance was seeded at the beginning of June. It now feels as if the new male energy is ready and able to manifest – that of compassionate intelligence, power and strength that is used to enable and empower others and a creativity inspired by a connection with other dimensions….The Old order is kicking and clawing the way a cornered creature will when facing its demise. This is the Old Order that was seeking to reinvent itself as the New World Order….

This is a time of unparalleled historic significance – of immeasurable spiritual and evolutionary importance…

June 23, late evening:

The masculine energy in us holds the dreams of our souls.  As we celebrate and honour this aspect of ourselves, I ask you to go and find those dreams that you hid away under the bed or in a closet up high on a shelf – the dreams that you put away because it was too painful to keep holding them near your heart, the ones that part of you has decided will never be fulfilled… Take them out, dust them off, give them some water…. It is Time for us to assume our deepest shame and our deepest magic…to let them loose into the world, so our dreams will be called back to us….

See and feel that your Heart is constructed of 4 chambers, each holding a different energy.  See the 2 upper chambers and the 2 below…. the right side and the left side. Walk through each of these rooms in your imagination – feel how each has a different quality of energy – a different colour, texture, sound….Let your heart teach you, as you wander through its halls….

The upper or higher heart is that part of you that connects to All that Is….to your infinite nature… there are guides and entities who are present and can instruct you on this. Let them speak to you now.

The lower, or bottom of your heart connects you through your various lifetimes on the planet, and the history of your body – your ancestral lineage. This is where you are holding things that have not yet been integrated into your awareness of yourself. This is where we keep our wounding and resentment and sadness – all those emotions that point us along the path of understanding…. See and feel what you are still holding from this lifetime and others…. As you see it, witness it, you are able to release it –  you have stepped out of it…. Here, also, there are guides – your ancestors – who are present and can instruct you. Let them speak to you now…

See and feel now that at the centre of your heart is a crystalline structure. See and feel it as it radiates light of unimaginable colour and beauty. Feel this light expand into all of your physical body, then past your physical into all of your energy bodies. Let this light expand to the outermost reaches of your Being. You become aware that your heartlight has encompassed All that It – all existence…and that this is your ultimate identity ….

Bring your awareness back into the crystal at the centre of your heart. See and feel that at the centre of your belly, and in the centre of your brain, there are similar radiating crystalline structures. See the flow of light amongst these three centres in your body. See and feel this as a flow – a current of Life and Light. You see that this river of light flows downward from your body down to the crystalline core of Mother Earth. The flow of Life and Light flows upward from your body to the Galactic centre – the centre connected to the masculine principle of Source….  You see and feel the flow of energies quickening through your body, becoming greater, stronger, more radiant…. (strong drumming)…

This is who you are…..

(Hebrew prayer – Shehecheyanu) For all the people and situations, for all the difficulties and suffering, for all the blessings and miracles that have brought me to this day, as I am…thank you…thank you…thank you….

 I have been in a deeply altered state and unable to keep up with transcribing the meditations as they have come through….This will take practice! I will gather my thoughts and do a summary post in the near future…

Blessings and Love,


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