In the Spirit of the Season…

“You didn’t come here to be loved!”

Woooa – that’s a bit harsh, I thought. Ouch!

They were uttered in the context of a conversation – yet another in a very, very long list to which I have been privy – in which someone was experiencing real sorrow, reliving her abandonment by her parents. The most startling thing for me about these words was that they came out of my own mouth…. Although I guess I am known for a certain Sagittarian bluntness, this seemed a bit much. It was clear that the poor woman to whom I had addressed my exclamation thought so as well – she was staring at me with horror.

Then my voice continued, “We come here to learn that we ARE Love.”


When I started speaking again, my voice and I were on the same page….

We learn that we have to receive love from outside of ourselves, and that our very survival depends on it; if we do not manage to be loved by our parents when we are babies, our physical existence is in peril. Love therefore becomes tied with survival and so also with the fear of not surviving – of death.  As we learn that we are separate from the Source of Love and that it is a necessity, we scramble to get it wherever we can, however we can.

This feels like such an essential bit of understanding….

Anything that is not Love is not who You really are – it is what you have learned, what generations for millennia before us have learned, and what we now have the choice, the honour and the responsibility to release.

We all hold horror stories inside ourselves, in our bodies and minds, that we believe. Because we believe them, they become true. We’re addicted to the soap operas we are living, personally and globally. I know this may seem ridiculous when we’re talking about the Middle East, or the murder of gay people in Uganda, or the various atrocities of N. America’s governments…but then again…

For the time between the upcoming 12-12-12 and the 12-21-12, what if we do an experiment? What if we all do the best we can to actually live and breathe from an awareness of Essence – of the Oneness we call “Love”? We could think of it as the gift of our Presence to the world…

Once again, I ask you to walk in your homes and in the world, shining with the knowledge of the Light that is your truth.

Go and Shine.

Go and Shine.

Go and Shine….

Blessèd Be…




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2 Responses to In the Spirit of the Season…

  1. Ymilse says:

    Si, una vez nos encontramos en otra dimesion….todos cantaban al amor…luego viniste hasta mi y me dijiste “..the love is real..” desde muchos entoces, en esta dimension,practico el amor lo mejor posible en cada situacion. Gracias AMOR.

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